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24 Cruise Industry Statistics and Trends

Cruise Industry Statistics

The cruise industry accounts for a large portion of global tourism. With an estimated $29.3 billion United States dollars attributing to its global revenue, North America is the largest market for the industry. It comprises approximately 59% of the total industry with 19.2 million passengers traveling worldwide. The following statistics provide a snapshot of the cruise industry.

Cruise Industry Market Share

1. Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises are the two major cruise lines in the industry accounting for over 14 million passengers alone.
2. The industry generates 356,311 jobs throughout the country paying $17.4 billion in wages.
3. The Caribbean continues to remain high in demand regardless of rising costs and choice destinations.
4. Cruise industry is the fastest growing segment of the leisure travel market.
5. Average length of cruise is 7 days.
6. 24 new ships are contracted and planned to the added to the North American fleet through 2015.
7. The new fleet has a $12 billion expenditure.

Cruise Industry Bill of Rights

The following video discuss the Cruise Industry Bill of Rights adopted by the Cruise Lines International Association. These policies help to provide transparency, consistency, and accountability for passengers.

Cruise Passenger Statistics

1. Of the total United States population, onle 55% have ever taken a cruise.
2. Median household income for cruisers is $97,000 a year.
3. Cruises have a high proportion of college education at a rate of 67%-71%.
4. Median age for a cruise is 47 years old.
5. 20% of cruisers are retired.
6. 80% of cruises are married.
7. Cruisers average about 3.5 years between cruise trips.

Top Destinations for Cruises

1. Caribbean – 45%
2. Alaska – 24%
3. Bahamas – 23%
4. Hawaii – 15%
5. Bermuda – 15%

Top Rated Cruise Ships by Reviews

1. Celebrity Equinox – 4.4
2. Queen Elizabeth 2 – 4.34
3. Queen Mary 2 – 4.33
4. Celebrity Eclipse – 4.2
5. Queen Victoria – 4.18

Cruise Line Industry Statistics

The Oasis and the Allure of the Seas are considered the two largest cruise ships in the world. The Disney Cruise Lines entertains approximately 500,000 cruisers each year. The typical cruiser can be known to spent $220 on average a day. The below infographic outlines more interest statistics and facts about the cruise line industry.

The Cruise Ship Industry

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