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75 Catchy Employee Referral Program Slogans

Employee referral programs can be very powerful tools for not only your business, but your employees as well. These are incentive programs that you put in place in order to reward people who bring you new talent, and even more if they land a job with the company. It helps to network and market your business. Here are some great slogans you can use to advertise and promote your referral program.

A Players Know Other A Players.
An Opportunity With Purpose.
Bring your Buddies
Bring your Friends to Work Everyday.
Can You Keep A Secret? We Hope Not!
Change Their Life.
Don’t You Know Someone?
Earn Cash With Each Referral.
Free Your Power To Earn.
Friends Make Great Co-Workers.
Friends Wanted.
Get Paid to Work with Your Friends.
Give Your Friends the Gift of a Career.
Got Friends?
Great People Know Other Great People.
Have Friends?
Have You Heard?
Have Your Friends Over.
Hello…It’s leads we’re looking for…
Help Us Build a Winning Team.
Help Us Catch A Rising Star!
Help Us Get The Word Out.
Help Us Help You!
Invite Your Friends.
It Pays To Have Friends.
It’s A Win/Win!
Join our Referral Program.
Let Friends Make You Money.
Let Us Know Those You Know.
Let Us See Your Buddy.
Let’s Help Each Other!
Lets Scout Talent.
Love Us. Share Us.
Make Money By Referring Your Friends.
Make Money Via Friends.
On The Lookout For Amazing Talent Like Yours.
One Good For Another.
One Good Lead Deserves Another.
Our Way Of Saying… Thank You!
Pass It On!
Pick With Us The Team.
Refer & Earn.
Refer A Friend And Get Some Cash To Spend.
Refer A Friend. Refer Family. Refer Talent.
Refer and You Shall Receive.
Refer Them and Make Money.
Refer your Friends. Get Rewarded.
Referral Madness.
Referrals To Cash.
Share The Love.
Sharing Is Caring.
Shout Out and Earn.
Spread The Word.
Start Someone’s Life.
Tell Them.
Tell Your Friends.
The Best Is What We Need.
Unleash Your Power.
We Appreciate Your Referrals.
We Love Referrals!
We Love Your Buddies.
We Need Your Help To Become Champions.
We Need Your Talent.
We Share and Care.
We’d Like To Meet Your Friends.
We’re Looking For Good Friends…Just Like You!
When Your Friends Win, You Win!
Who Should You Reward?
You Can Help Us ‘Pick theTeam.’
You Like Them We Like Them.
You Love Us. So Share Us!
You Refer Them. You Make Money.
You’ll Love Our Referral Program.
Your Friends Can Make You Money!
Your Power To Earn.

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