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25 Toy Industry Statistics and Trends

Toy Industry Statistics

According to the Toy Industry Association, the United States toy market is worth $22 billion a year with a worlwide revenue of $84.1 billion overall market. The following statistics take a look at the domestic toy market by category and overall industry.

Toy Category Revenue

The following categories account for the overall United States market revenue for the toy industry.

1. Action Figure/Role Playing – $1.39 billion
2. Arts & Crafts – $1.01 billion
3. Building Sets – $1.99 billion
4. Dolls – $2.69 billion
5. Games/Puzzles – $1.8 billion
6. Infant/Preschool – $3.82 billion
7. Youth Electronics – $431.3 million
8. Outdoor & Sports Toys – $4.31 billion
9. Plush – $1.26 billion
10. Vehicles – $1.61 billion
11. All Other Toys – $1.67 billion

China’s Toy Market

More than 70% of the world’s toys are manufactured in China. It is considered one of the five most important exports for their country. New European standards for imports can drastically effect Chinese toy exports and rise the domestic market.

Retailer Channel

The International Council of Toy Industries outlines the following percentages for retail channels in the United States.

1. Mass Merchant/Discounters – 51%
2. Toy Specialists – 25%
3. General Merchandise – 9%
4. Other – 8%
5. Mail Order – 4%
6. Department Stores – 3%

This varies from Europes retailer channels as outlined below.

1. Toy Specialists – 36%
2. Food (Hyper) – 24%
3. Other – 15%
4. General Merchandise – 13%
5. Department Stores – 7%
6. Mail Order – 5%

Average Spending per Child

The world marketplace varies when it comes to average spending per child in the toy market. Here is a look at the different world regions and how spending pairs up.

America – $76
Europe – $121
Asia/Oceania – $13
Africa – $1

Total Worldwide Toy Market

The percentage of the worldwide market is broken down to the following regions.

America – 41%
Europe – 29%
Asia/Oceania – 30%
Africa – 1%

The Global Toy Market

The following infographic outlines the top countries and brands in the toy industry that market worldwide. Mattel has been leading the global market of toys with Hasbro falling into the second top spot in sales revenue. Hasbro revenue comes from a third of sales of boy toy brands such as Marvel, GI Joe, and Transformers. More than half of Mattel’s sales come from barbie dolls and associated gear. Mattel spends more than $634 million in advertising worldwide.

Global Toy Industry Market Statistics

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