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25 Positive Subliminal Messages in Everyday Life

A logo serves multiple purposes for a business. From symbolizing their brand in consumers, marketers also take this opportunity to place hidden messages into their logos that are not initially recognizable. A series of some of the most popular subliminal messages found are compiled below.

Amazon – Two meanings with the first being an arrow from A to Z in the word Amazon representing their guarantee while also forming a smile.
Atlanta Falcons – The bird also carries the shape of the letter “F.”
Baskin Robbins – The pink part of the “B” and “R” are made to represent the 31 flavors offered there.
Bronx Zoo – The negative space under the giraffes is actually a picture of the Bronx skyline.
Coca Cola – Each “O” crosses to represent the flag of Denmark on their new European logo.
Eighty Twenty – The logo uses shaded boxes to represent the binary code of their name,.
FedEx – An arrow made of the negative space where “EX” is.
Goodwill’s Smile – A close up of the actual letter “G” from the font.
Hershey’s Kisses – A Hershey kiss image is used in the negative space between the “K” and “I.”
Jack in the Box – The original Jack in the Box logo represented a Jesus fish where the O and X were ran together in the design.
LG Electronics – The LG letters in the circle represent both a smiling face for trust and satisfaction but are based upon the pacman character.
Milwauke Brewers – A symbol of a mitt when placed together, however one part represents the “M” and the other letter combined from “B” to form the completed image.
NBC – The classic rainbow pattern peacock feathers represent the station that is for all ethnicities and Americans.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Poster – Skull image with crossbones is shape of Mickey Mouse and his ears.
Pittsburgh Zoo – Use of negative space shows two animal faces of a gorilla and lion.
Roxy – With the parent company being Quicksilver, both of the logos were combined to share the heart.
SFX Magazine – Looks like SEX instead of SFX, especially when women are pictured on the cover.
Sony Vaio – The “VA” is designed to represent analog waveform while the “IO” symbolizes the binary code.
Spartan Golf Clubs – A golfer and hidden picture of Spartan warrior.
Sun Microsystems – An arrangement of “U” and “N” make up the box icon that also reads “Sun” no matter what direction you are looking at it from.
The Hartford Whalers – A whale’s tail is formed between the “H” and “W” of the logo.
Toblerone – Within the mountain image is a dancing bear image in the negative space.
Tostitos – The letters “t” in the middle both represent two people sharing a chip with the dot of the “i” serving as the salsa.
Tour De France – Between the “O” on tour to the yellow circle is an image of a cyclist.
Unilever – The pictures within the letter “u” represent symbols such as a bird for freedom and heart for love.

A logo can have multiple meanings that also relay emotions and actions to the consumer. As witnessed in Baskin Robbin’s logo, the hidden “31” represents their variety and signature flavors. The below infographic captures the most popular logo designs and outlines the hidden messages in them.

Psychology Behind Logo Design
The original source of this infographic is Blue Soda Promo.

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