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25 Odd Subway Restaurant Statistics

When was the last time that you “ate fresh?” Subway restaurants are a leader in providing fresh sandwiches to hungry consumers. With the quick service food industry generating nearly $200 billion in the world today, over 3.5 million people have jobs thanks to restaurants like Subway.

Subway franchises generate revenues of $12.1 billion annually.

Subway Restaurant

What has given this restaurant chain the outstanding success that it is had is its marketing as an alternative to the high fat QSR experience. Started in 1965 by a 17-year-old kid and his family friend, a $1000 loan is turned into a franchise that can be found in almost half of the countries in the world today. If you want a decent sandwich on homemade bread when you’re in a hurry, many communities have a Subway that can provide that.

  • There were 26,617 franchises in the United States as of 2014.
  • The number of Subway franchises in Canada: 3,117.
  • There are over 12,000 Subway franchises in existence outside of North America in 96 different countries.
  • The average Subway restaurant will hire between 8 to 12 employees in the local community.
  • Subway eliminates the franchise fee of $15,000 if a franchise is opened on a military or government location.
  • Franchisees of Subway signed an agreement that is valid for 20 years and removal.
  • The minimum net worth for a franchise owner in the Subway brand is $80,000.
  • Subway has been a top three fastest-growing franchise since 2010. It has been the number one fastest-growing franchise for the last two years.
  • In 2016, there were 26,744 Subway restaurants in the United States.
  • A Subway chain uses an average of 16 acres of lettuce per year.

For a company that was originally named Pete’s Super Submarines, the Subway franchise has become a juggernaut in the world of quick service restaurants. The number of international franchises has almost doubled in the last five years. Over 1,000 new Subway restaurants open in the United States every year. Even Canada has a 20% increase in the amount of Subway franchises in the last five years. With new franchises sought in every market around the world, and with extensive celebrity advertising everywhere you turn, there doesn’t seem to be anything around right now that can slow Subway down.

These Facts About Subway Will Blow Your Mind

  • When the entire Subway menu is taken into account, there are more than 38 million different sandwich combinations that can be achieved.
  • Subway serves almost 8 million sandwiches every day. That’s enough to feed everyone in the cities of Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  • With over 41,000 total locations, Subway has averaged the opening of more than two restaurants every day since 1965.
  • If you stacked 600,000 NHL hockey rinks on top of one another, you’d be able to fill up that stack with all of the cheese that Subway puts onto sandwiches every year.
  • You can find Subway’s in more than just strip malls. There are franchise locations in car dealerships, laundromats, and even churches.
  • If you took all of the sandwiches that this restaurant makes every year, you would be able to place them end over end and circle the planet 14 times.
  • It takes 14.4 million eggs to make the cookies that this restaurant sells every year.
  • Subway uses more frozen cookie dough, tomatoes, and tuna than any other food industry organization today.

What’s even more amazing about this restaurant chain is that they plan to open 50,000 total franchises by the year 2018. To achieve this goal, they would need to open six restaurants every day until then. Employing more than 400,000 people on any given day, there is no doubt that Subway has changed the way that we think about food. In some ways, it’s encouraging because this restaurant chain has outnumbered the amount of locations that McDonald’s has. The fact that they don’t come close to the amount of sales that other QSR locations provide, however, means that there is still a lot of work that this franchise needs to do to maximize their success.

Did You Know These Facts About Subway?

  • Subway restaurants in the United States serve about 2,800 sandwiches and salads every minute.
  • Almost every franchise donate money regularly to organizations like the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and the American Heart Association.
  • After losing 245 pounds on a reportedly 100% Subway diet, Jared Fogle because the franchise’s long-term spokesperson. Fogle created the Jared Foundation in 2006 because of this exposure to help education households about the dangerous conditions that childhood obesity can cause.
  • The Jared diet consisted of a 12 inch Veggie sub and a 6 inch Turkey sub.
  • Subway is a privately owned company, so it does not sell any public shares.
  • The company’s fastest sandwich maker in 2012 could create a foot long Subway sandwich in just 51 seconds.
  • The first employee of Subway, a man by the name of Dick Pilchen, still works for the company at their headquarters. He’s been employed since 1968.

The staying power of Subway restaurants is not in question. The quality of their food is not even in question. What will allow this restaurant chain to succeed at their goal is a continuation of the focus on high quality customer service that has always been in place. When you go into one of their restaurants, there is a certain expectation that you will receive the fast help you need to create a custom sandwich. This is what sets Subway apart from anyone else. Other places can give you a custom burger or high carb food options, but none of them can really say that they do it with fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. If you have the munchies, the statistics of Subway prove one thing: it’s a healthy choice that won’t make you feel guilty if you eat a foot long.

Interesting Facts About Subway

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