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23 Greatest Brand Licensing Deals Since 1968

Brand Licensing Deals

Licensing Through the Decades

In the past for decades, the licensing of brands have changed from a legal issue to an effective tool for the marketing of brands across different classes. There were events in the time of history that enabled man to transform the industry, hep all parties involved to recognize that through creativity, brands can be revived and transformed.

Flintstones vitamins is a brand that was formed in 1968 by Hanna Barbers. It is still recognized today as a product of quality. This will immortalize the product and maintain the awareness of this brand in the mind of the contemporary generations.

At this point in time, high end fashion products entered licensing extending to other categories like furniture, food, and clothing.

This year defined the licensing, fashion, and entertainment by pioneers in the industry.

A crucial licensing strategy was discovered by Sesame Street. This was geared towards engaging school students and their parents through consumer products.

Hello Kitty is a Japanese based brand that quickly became international. This was made possible through one of the first licensing programs.

Star Wars was sold to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion. It began as three popular movies and grew rapidly into an empire through consumer products.

Ralph Lauren is a brand that began with production of male and female perfumes. Over time, this brand was grown by the owners into a global brand over the years.

By this time, brands were recognizing licensing as a valuable tool that could be used to extend their sphere of impact.

Over the years, Strawberry Shortcake was developed and reinvented its brand. From greeting cards to shortcakes, this brand has found a way to remain relevant over time.

Nintendo was built and developed by the owners beyond the game into the physical realms that was recognized by even non-gamers.

Motorcycles can now be seen as a lifestyle, much more that a mode of transportation. This was demonstrated by Harley Davidson.

Coca-Cola takes advantage of fashion to create advocates for its brands and products across the globe.

An early pioneer in celebrity fashion was Charlie’s Angel’s Smiths fashion line. This brand made way for other entries into the industry.

There is a change in paradigm at this point in time.

Elizabeth Taylor is a brand that might be referred to as that which has grown from just being a personality brand to celebrity status and become a timeless lifestyle brand.

Wolfgang Puck finds a way to interact with consumers. This is achieved by providing kitchen products and foods, providing an exciting dining experience.

Martha Steward was the first cross category home brand that made way for other similar brands like Kathy Ireland, HGTV Home, and Better Home & Gardens.

This year, Stanley demonstrated that a name trusted in tools can also be trusted in other areas of home improvements.

The anchor brand of thee P&G licensing program is Vicks. Today, this brand has made a sucees of its name, turning into a $2 billion business along with other brands.

One brand has proved itself in the casual dining industry. That brand is TGI Fridays. This brand has demonstrated that grocery aisles can also be lucrative.

This signified the emergence of digital property. It became one of the most rapid and growing categories in licensing.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson broke the $1 billion mark and the empire became a success model for retail exclusive relationships. It is referred to as the brand which fostered the success of the “tween” girl market place.

Pixar was acquired by Disney, the house of house and it launches the Cars franchise with the boys as its target market. In 2009, it acquired Marvel with Lucasfilm was taken over by them in 2012. These deals made Disney the licensing house in the entertainment industry.

This year, sharper image made its way out of bankruptcy, taking advantage of a business based on licensing only. Today, its model is implemented by Kodak and Linens N Things.

Angry birds demonstrated to its contemporaries that the advocacy for brands is developed from the inside as well as the outside.

With Bag Snob, bloggers became gurus of lifestyle with the release of fashion products.

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