25 Good Catchy Swimwear Slogans

Swimwear is something that everyone loves because it means fun in the sun! Branding a swim suit company can be very difficult because of all the competition that is out there in the market. A fun slogan can really help to set you apart and bring attention to your brand.

All Girls Are Gorgeous in Jantzen.
Be A Beach.
Beach Vibes.
Be Comfortable In Your Skin.
Be the Best You.
Born in the Water.
Fab In The Sun.
Fit to Win.
For All Your Beachy Needs.
For Classic Summer Girls.
For Mermaids In Training.
For Serious Swimmers.
Get Summer Time Ready.
Get Your Beach On.
It’s Not Sand Resistant But It’s Sexy.
Just Add a Tan.
Keeping the Beaches Beautiful.
On The Corner of Hot and Sexy.
Summer is a Lifestyle.
Summertime Sexy.
The Bathing Suit of the Future.
Time for a Beach Chair.
Time To Get Wet.
Yea, It’s Gonna Be A Good Summer.

This awesome video is about an innovative swimwear company and their journey of design and production.