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101 Good Catchy Swimwear Slogans

We looked near and far to find the greatest swimwear slogans that have been created in the past year. This list is filled with very catchy and clever slogans.

All Girls Are Gorgeous in Jantzen.
All It Takes Is All You Got.
All You Need To Reach The Beach!
Always In Front.
Always Look Your Best, Even Undressed!
America’s Swimsuit.
Any girl can be beautiful and new.
Are you beach body ready.
Arena. Water Instinct.
Be A Beach.
Be Beautiful. Be You.
Be Comfortable In Your Skin.
Be The Best You.
Be The Fish.
Beach Vibes.
Beachwear Competence.
Beauty In All Its Forms.
Born in the Water.
Catching some winter sun?
Chlorine Is My Perfume.
Chlorine, The Breakfast Of Champions.
Custom Fit. Custom Fabulous.
Designed from a man’s point of view.
Direct hit everytime.
Dive Into Color.
Dive Into Life.
Dive into summertime.
Eat My Bubbles.
Eat My Turbulence.
Fab In The Sun.
Fashions thrilling new shade.
Flattering styles you want to wear.
Flattering swimwear you want to wear.
For Mermaids In Training.
For Serious Swimmers.
Fueled By Water.
Get Summer Time Ready.
Get Your Beach On.
Go BIG Or Go Home.
Have Goggles, Will Travel.
Heat wave.
Hello Beautiful.
I am with dreamy.
If You Doubt Yourself, Wear Something Else!
If You Have a Lane, You Have a Chance.
In The Pool, Life Is Cool, Swimmers Rule.
In The Water, Your Only Enemy Is The Clock.
It does a body good.
It’s Not Pain, It’s Exercise-Induced Discomfort.
It’s Not Sand Resistant But It’s Sexy.
Jewels of the sea.
Just Add a Tan.
Just For You.
Just wear a smile.
Keep Our Beaches Beautiful.
Keeping the Beaches Beautiful.
Life Is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Swim.
Live In Water.
Look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds.
Look Better Nearly Naked.
Look Good. Swim Fast.
Love The Beach.
Makes fashion sense.
Making women feel sexy since 1984.
More sirens needed.
Now Go Get Wet!
On The Corner of Hot and Sexy.
Real Athletes Swim – The Rest Just Play Games.
Serious Swimmers Prefer Zoggs.
Share Our Passion For Swimming!
So Much Water, So Little Time.
So Much Water, So Much Fun.
Soak up the Sun.
Speedo. Born In The Water.
Star In a Bra.
Summer Is a Lifestyle.
Summertime Sexy.
Sun. Safe. Style.
Swim with the tide.
Swimming Is All About Good Times.
Swimming Is As Easy As H20.
Swimming, It Does a Body Good.
Swimwear Revolution.
Swimwear That Sticks!
The Bathing Suit of the Future.
The economic outlook. Sunny.
The Heart of a Champion Beats Under a Swimsuit.
The Leader In Sun Protection.
The Swimmer Recipe — Just Add Water.
Time For a Beach Chair.
Time To Get Wet.
Unique Clothing, Shoes, and Swimwear.
Virtual Skin.
Water Instinct.
What It Takes To Win.
Worldwide Beach Culture.
Yea, It’s Gonna Be A Good Summer.
You Can Always Breathe Later.
You just can’t part with it.
You know who you are.
You’ll enjoy these many advantages.

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