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25 Good Catchy Septic Truck Company Slogans

Septic companies provide a vital service to businesses and homes all across the country. They come and empty out septic tanks that are buried beneath the ground. This type of service is always high in demand and can be extremely profitable if done right. A good slogan, especially for this type of industry, can really draw attention and customers to your business. Here are some wonderful examples of septic truck company slogans.

# 1 Plumber in the #2 Business.
A Flush Beats A Full House.
At The First Whiff, Call Cliff!
Dirty Deeds…Done Dirt Cheap!
Do You Want To Do This Yourself?
Experts In Septic Maintenance.
Got Poop?
Hauling Away Political Promises.
Money In The Tank.
Nothing Stinks Too Bad.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or 110% Of Your Product Back!
Septic Experts.
Surrender The Poo!
Thanks For Flushing Our Business Down Your Drain.
Too Much Brown? Call Crown!
We Ain’t Hauling Milk Here!
We Want Your Stinking Business.
We’ll Take Care Of It.
We’re #1 With #2.
Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels.
You Dump We Pump.
You Shit it. We Get it.
You Think Our Job Sucks.
Your Number 2 Is Our Number 1!

This great video was made by an existing septic service company. They describe what they do and how they do it. It is a great watch for anyone interested in this field of service.

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