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25 Fast Casual Restaurant Industry Trends and Statistics


Fast Casual Social 100

The first brand and the fast casual connected report for the fast casual restaurant business is the Fast Casual Social 100 Mid-Year 2012. The importance of this is underscored by the fact that it targets the fast casual consumers and heavy users of the restaurant industry. The average fast casual check size is $12.T his industry generally targets the business lunch crowd of a married, working individual between the ages of 35 and 45. This report is generated from numerous consumer driven data that indicates success or failures within a Fast Casual Restaurant.

Fast Casual Top Five Social Brands

This first brand and report connected to customers for the Fast Casual restaurant business is the fast casual Social 100 Mid-Year 2012. The importance of this data is brought forward as it targets the fast casual consumers in the industry. They are:

1. Panera Bread – 190.62
2. Chipolte – 188.96
3. Firehouse Subs – 1789.0
4. Jimmy John’s – 176.86
5. Which Wich – 465.16

Super User – Leading Age Demographics

Here are the most connected digital audience, reaching an average of more than 700 social connections per super users.

1. 36% are females of ages 18-34
2. 19% are males of ages 18-34
3. 24% are females of age 35-49
4. 9% are males of ages 35-49

Top 25 Brands Report of Dining Frequency Per Month

Here is the breakdown of the statistics in frequency of visits per month.

25% visits: 2-3 times per month.
23% visits: 3-4 times per month.
31% visits – 4-5 times per month.
21% visits – over 6 times per month.

Super Category Leaders by Most Engaged Restaurant Consumers

In this section, the breakdown of the most engaged consumers in social and activities around these segments for dining out.

1. Sandwich/Salad
2. Bakery/Cafe
3. Ethnic
4. Fresh Mex/Mexican
5. Burger

What’s Up for Lunch

Here are the most frequently ordered meals at a minimum of four times per month.

1. Sandwich/Salad
2. Bakery Cafe
3. Fresh Mex/Mexican

Top Local Based Trends

The average number of check outs and check in’s and in venue mentions are listed below.

– The top most checked in segment is sandwich.
– The top consumer demographic is females 25-34.
– Location based activity per month

Fast Casual Culinary Trends

From the data based on more than 13,000 menu and culinary search terms, spread across over 800 fast casual restaurant brands, consumers made recommendations and references of the most discussed menu topics. Here is the list.

– Local Sourcing
– Gourmet Items
– Beverage
– Deserts
– Quality Proteins

Emerging Menu Segments in the Past 6 months

These are the top segments of social consumer engagements in order of decreasing rank.

1. Burgers – +11%
2. Fresh Mex – +9%
3. Pizza – +6%
4. Sandwiches – -2%
5. Bakery Cafe – -4%

Top Brands by Food Quality

Rankings of social consumers food quality based on over 13,000 culinary and service terms that define the most preferred brand. This is based on quality in fast casual.

1. Noodles & Co.
2. Wow Bao
3. Boudin Bakery
4. Chipolte
5. Panera Bread

Top Brands by Service Quality

Here are the top brands based on the quality of service.

1. Chipolte
2. Firehouse Subs
3. Freshii
4. Corner Bakery
5. Noodles & Co.

Top Fast Casual Cities Most Popular

Here is a list of the most popular by top social consumer engagement locations by decreasing ranks.

1. Washington DC
2. Denver, CO
3. Dallas, TX
4. Los Angeles, CA
5. Phoenix, AZ

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