23 Expert Tips for Writing a Blog Post


Here is a look at some of the most important highlights to remember from this infographic…

1) Think About Various Tactics to Catch the Eye of Readers When Blogging.
One way that you can do this is to write an eye catching title. Write a list of future titles to use for reference. Another way to do this is to use lots of cool images. Put a lot of power into your first couple sentences. Doing this will hook readers. If you can get them past the first few sentences, you have them locked in for the rest of the article.

2) How Do Most People Online Read?
If you are anything like us, chances are you do not read very carefully while reading online. So make your content readable. You can do this by incorporating lists, quotes, and other “divisions” within your article. Tables, charts, graphs, subheadings, headings, and more can all be used for this same reason. Think about places to place these where it makes sense, as well. Although you cannot use them in all of your articles all of the time, you can often find effective ways to incorporate them into most articles you write.

3) Understand the Power of Social Media for Businesses.
This also extends to blogs! If a reader loves an article that you have written, let them share it with others. Think about adding a few social media buttons to your webpage. In this way, readers can easily share any of your posts that they love. You may also want to stress to readers to share your posts if they love them. Adding a call to action like this can be very powerful for spreading your message and brand. If you have not yet added these things, try it and see your reach grow.

4) What Sells a Blog?
While content plays a role, your unique voice does, as well. Always be yourself when you are posting. Readers find this interesting, entertaining, and genuine. Hone your voice by always being true to yourself and standing by your posts and opinions. Feel free to engage in friendly debate while posting about controversial topics. Just be you and people will love it. If people love your voice, and what you have to say, they will be back for more. Also ask these people who love your voice to subscribe to your blog, share it, or follow you on social media networks.