25 Best Catchy Cookie Company Slogans

The Snack Foods Industry in the United States is valued at more than $124 billion in retail dollars. More than 64% of American consumers shop for snacks at grocery stores. This is followed by an additional 30% using mass merchandisers to purchase snack foods from. Within this industry, consumers seem to prefer salty snacks or chocolate above all else. Cookies are no exception to these growing trends. Some of the most popular cookie company slogans from the industry can be found below to help inspire your own unique cookie slogan.

A Moment to Yourself.
Bite Size Cookies.
Crazy with Chips.
Crunch to your Health.
Deliciously Continental.
Everybody Loves Ritz.
Freshly Baked All Day. Every Day.
Good Enough Never Is.
Handmade Confections.
Idea’s Made Easy.
It’s Crazy with Chips
It’s Hard to Resist a Lu.
It’s Only for Kids. Perfect.
Let the Making Begin.
Made with Real Fruit.
Milk’s Favorite Cookie.
Never Have an Ordinary Day.
Now That’s Paradise.
Simple Goodness.
The Snack That Smiles Back.
There’s a Memory in Every Bite.
They Love What’s Inside Even More.
They’re Outta This World.
Uncommonly Made, Uncommonly Good.
Unwrap a Smile.
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