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The 22 Rules of Writing Irresistible Copy


Do you want your content to stand out? Then you must focus on your copywriting skills. Here are the rules you must follow to ensure you get your point across every single time.

1) Start with the title.
You need a strong title and headline to gain the attention of the reader. It must be an honest headline. It should summarize what the reader receives by spending time with your content. Creating curiosity is good, but do it authentically. Not through clickbait.

2) Have a conversation.
Keep your content in a voice that is conversation. You’re not a professor providing a lecture at the local university. You’re also not trying to sell someone a used car. Imagine what you would say to someone if you were having dinner with them. Now put that conversation into words for stellar content.

3) You can’t fake it to make it.
Your copywriting must involve real experience. If you don’t have it, then your only alternative option is to spend time researching the subject matters being discussed. Details are going to be your best friend.

4) Never assume.
Copywriting is the art of making the complex become understandable. You are an expert. Most of your readers are not. Never assume that a reader has the same experience as you do. Write in such a way that you’re teaching concepts from scratch. That means breaking down your terminology into the simplest words possible, whenever possible.

5) Stop keyword packing.
When search engines first came out, keyword packing made sense. You could repeat the same phrase repeatedly to improve your rank. Today’s algorithms are different. Keywords are important, but the value of the content being written has greater value. Weave keywords in whenever possible, but write to the reader, not the algorithm.

6) Be simple.
Use simplistic instructions for your readers to follow when you push them toward a call to action. Your copywriting should include specific instructions that can be followed in the moments after they finish reading your piece. Every path, even if you don’t want the reader to purchase something, should be clear and precise.

Copywriting is an art form that requires balance. You must take your expertise and make it understandable. You must also find your own voice, but make it approachable. When you follow these rules, your content will stand out from the rest of your competition.

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