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22 Captivating K.A. Hosein Quotes

K.A. Hosein ia a Muslim born in a Western World. With English spoken as her primary language, she has undertaken a personal journey to learn about different people around the world. Through her written words of Islamic Poetry, here is a look at some of the most memorable K. A. Hosein quotes to know.

“Beauty should always be acknowledged where it stands.”

“Breakfast isn’t complete without humble pie.”

“It takes courage to face the sunshine.”

“Love is the addiction of the insane.”

“Never let pain make you grow cold.”

“No matter how high you reach in this life, it is always better to live closer to the earth.”

“Remembering to smile always, even when it rains.”

“Respect could never be bought or ordered.”

“Sentimentality towards the undeserving is as dangerous as agreeing to putting one foot in the grave.”

“The arrogant heart can only be humbled by love.”

“The Lord has filled my tiny pot until it spilleth over; I am happy to give.”

“The strongest among us are the patient; who when faced with ridicule, respond with kindness.”

“The ugly man, is the harsh man.”

“The worst poverty can be found within the cold heart.”

“There are only two classes of people in the world – people who lie and people who don’t lie.”

“There is no lesson in cruelties.”

“There is no nobility in self torture.”

“To deny God, is to deny the soul.”

“True bondage is being afraid and ashamed of your shadow.”

“True defeat, is when you allow yourself to become jaded by pain and disappointment.”

“True wealth is in the heart.”

“Truly, great is the man who is not afraid or ashamed of love.”

Here is one Islamic poet Amir Sulaiman, as he recites this beautiful prayer at Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention.

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