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23 Wine Making Industry Trends and Statistics

Wine Making Industry Trends

The 21st Century Wine Industry

The wine industry has seen explosive growth since the onset of the 21st century. The growth of e-commerce and social media has contributed greatly to its annual revenue of $19.2 billion to $34.6 billion between 2000 and 2013. The amount of bonded wineries in the United States has increased from 2,188 to 7,498 as well as wine consumption.

Sale of Wine

Selling wine has been integrated to an online environment. Since 2011, online wine sales has increased 15%. 75% of wineries can be found on Twitter, 94% on Facebook, and more than 450 apps that allow consumers to learn about wine.

By the Numbers

1. hall of fame picture makes wine in Napa Valley.
2. wine bars can be found at Chicago’s O’Hare airport.
3. American wines were served at Barack Obama’s second inauguration.
4. total estate vineyards that comprise of David and Diana Lett’s Eyrie Vineyards and is considered the pioneers of Oregon wine making.
5. years you can expect to spend on the waiting list for a California cult cabarnet.
6. states where Starbucks sells wine in their stores.
7. annual inches of rainfall in Washington State’s Columbia Valley.
8. AWAs in Texas.
9. preparations used in bio dynamic wine growing.
10. women in America who achieved the title of Master Sommelier since 2000.
11. The US continues to be the largest wine consuming nation since 2010.
12. 40% of US Adults drink wine.

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