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21 Unique Ways to Get More Customers


There are many ways to acquire more customers. When it comes to ecommerce, having a plan and knowing a few tricks can dramatically increase the attention your business receives online. Below are a dozen ways you can acquire more customers.

1. Focus on a Cause

What is your company about? Is there something you believe in? By aligning with a cause, your company stands out as believing in something. When targeted to appeal to your customer model, this can be an excellent way to bring in sales.

2. Product Integration

Where is your products being sold? There are a great deal of websites dedicated to selling and reselling. Begin working over these platforms and raise your sales.

3. Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to spread word about your business is to have your customers do it for you. Establish a presence in social media and begin building a following.

4. The Win-Back Technique

Is someone asking to no longer receive a newsletter or deleting their account? Don’t let them get away with it without first offering them a deal that may want to keep them buying from you.

5. Include Special Presents With Sales

A good way to build customer loyalty and spread word about your company is to include presents with your sales. Whether this is a store bag or a small trinket doesn’t matter. A present is a present.

6. Create a Video

More and more companies are creating short videos that describe their business, making use of websites like Youtube for promotional purposes. It can be a great way for people to know what you are all about.

7. Referral Program

The most trusted source of information is our friends. Set up a referral program and have people recommend each other to your store.

8. Review the Competition

Be active, and see what your competition is doing, where it is advertising, and where they are trying to draw people in.

9. Partner

Partner your business with another, and expose each other’s customer bases to one another.

10. Manual Outreach

Occasionally, reach out to customers and try to get to know them. Ask what they want, and why they shopped from you. Create a dialog that will spread word of mouth of your company.

11. The Power of F.A.Q.

For getting hits from search engines queues, nothing works better then a detailed F.A.Q. that target what people are looking for.

12. Keep It Simple

Boil your company down to a sentence, and then market yourself. Keep it simple at first, and allow people to explore how awesome you are.

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