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21 Simple Techniques for Unlocking Creativity


Creativity is not always something that comes natural. Sometimes it takes innovative methods to unlock the creativity that is buried underneath. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) Go With the Worst.
This might seem like a bad plan, but it is actually the best way to come up with ideas that are highly creative. Choosing the idea that seems like the worst might actually be the best thing that you can do. It can ensure that you are doing something unique and different, which is the true definition of creativity. Picking the worst idea will guarantee that you are taking a risk and going away from the popular option. It is important to realize that not all risks are bad.

2) Go Small.
When you are trying something different that is creative, you should not bite off more than you can chew. This means that you always need to be looking to start small. Starting small will ensure that you are doing exactly what you ca handle. Creative plans sometimes fail, because they are scaled in the wrong way. It is important that you make smart bets at first. This is the best way to make sure that you have the best chance of succeeding with your creative idea.

3) Keep Track.
It is also a really great idea to keep track of all the ideas that pop into your head. Some will be more creative than others, but you will only be able to remember the really good ideas if you keep track of them each day. This means that you always need to write down all of your brainstorming options. Writing everything down is the best way to know what your creative ideas really are.

4) Ask 3 Other People.
It might also benefit your ability to be creative by asking other people for their opinions. This is the best way to get a new perspective about your ideas. You will be able to get insight from third parties that are unbiased and have nothing to lose or gain by your ideas. Seeking eth advice of others is always a good place to start and can be really helpful. Start by asking about 3 new people about any creative idea that you may have. Evaluating the responses that you get is the best way to see if your idea is really worth trying or not.

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