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21 Reasons Why Automated Marketing Systems Work


Here is a summary of highlights regarding automating your business marketing systems as provided in this infographic.

1) Automation Leads to More Money.
Automation helps businesses save time, which is one of the reasons that it is so very popular. But effective use of automation can lead to more profits in a big way. Firstly, these types of emails are used to increase revenue. Secondly, they are opened much more often than other similar types of email campaigns. Thirdly, they can be used to nurture potential sales leads. When you combine automation with personalization and the right timing, your profits may grow even larger.

2) Customers Respond Better to Personalization.
Personalization is very important in automated emails. Customers may spend up to 600% more if they notice their name in an email. That’s huge! If you personalize emails on birthdays, you may also see that about 6 of 10 of these sorts of emails are regularly opened. Personalizing an email can be as simple as adding in a picture of the product that your customer has purchased in the past. Or it can mean simply letting the customer know that you know who they are. Since lots of customers feel businesses are out of touch with clients, this shows that you are not.

3) How to Better Engage Your Audience.
Engaging your audience can be pretty tough. Especially when it comes to email. This is why timing is everything. We have already mentioned, above, just how welcome birthday emails form companies are. But simple welcome emails are also greatly appreciated. You may want to send a welcome email to a customer when they initially sign up for an account on your webpage. Or think about sending it to them shortly after they place their first order. Be sure to address them by name in both emails, if possible.

4) Choose the Right Format.
Format can go a long way in which email campaigns and which ones fall flat. Always be sure that each of your emails pertains to one piece of content or subject. Since customers spend such little time scanning email, this helps them to not miss anything. Even if they end up deleting your email before they open it. Subject lines are very important in this regard. Choosing the right format for emails (like a welcome email) can also help you to nurture relationships with potential customers until they are ready to buy from you. Nurturing means they will be more than likely to do so in the future.

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