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21 Podcasting Tips that Really Work


Have you been looking for a way to grow your fan base for your podcasts? Or maybe you wish you could become more recognized and encourage more people to listen. No matter what your goals are for your podcasts, increasing your fan based can do many things for your listeners as well as encourage you to add more content. This is what helps to create amazing podcasts that people love as well as allow you to see what your listeners enjoy and what they don’t.

1) What to Take Away
There are several wonderful ideas in each of these tips, however deciding what to take away may be different for each person. These differences could be something like, you are just starting out and have no fan base to build off of as of yet and some of these tips don’t currently fit your situation, or you have a large fan base to work off of but some of these tips don’t match to what you want from your podcast or listeners. No matter your situation each of these tips are good to at least give you ideas that you can grow from.

2) Work with Others
This is excellent advice no matter whether you are first starting out or have been making podcasts for several years. Collaborating with other in your niche can help you to gain more listeners by simply guest staring on someone else’s podcast. You can also work with others by guest writing on their blog to gain more exposure to more fans. This also goes for having someone else appear on your podcast or by having someone famous join you on a show, and even allowing others to guest write on your blog. It is all about getting more exposure to grow your fan base.

3) Q&A
Answering questions online can also give you more viewers and listeners that will provide you with more exposure. This could be something like an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, to answering questions on Yahoo! Answers. Each of these can provide you with more people becoming interested in what you do during your podcasts and other projects. You may even find that the number of listeners joining you for your live podcasts will grow as well as the number of people simply listening to previous episodes. The more people you intrigue, the more will want to listen to you.

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