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21 Best Inbound Marketing Techniques


How often can you reach out to your target audience, trying to pitch them a product and close a sale? You cannot call up someone every day or even once a week. The person would become irate. You cannot have door to door campaigns or even email marketing campaigns bugging a person every now and then. You must exercise caution so you don’t go overboard with your outbound marketing campaigns. There is a fine line segregating acceptable marketing campaigns and being pesky. In light of the shortcomings of outbound marketing, you need a strategy that will keep the sales ticking and your business growing. The solution lies in inbound marketing. Here is how you should work on inbound marketing to grow your business.

1) Have a Well Planned Strategy.
Inbound marketing is all about adding or offering value. It is not about pitching or trying to sell what you have. Offer value to your target audience through blogs, videos, social media posts and using all available platforms or avenues, including email. Don’t try to push your products or services in these campaigns. Instead, educate your audience, offer them advice or tips, help them to get more out of existing products or technology and most importantly, try to touch their lives and minds. The moment your target audience develops some respect for your brand because they value your opinion or the information you are sharing, they will start considering your products. People know that companies would advertise or indulge in marketing campaigns but people expect companies to treat them as more than just numbers. That is what inbound marketing does.

2) Properly Channel Interest Through Content.
Inbound marketing will be futile if you cannot properly channel the interest generated through your contents or initiatives. People would want to check out your website and products. Thus, you need good quality landing pages with convincing content, the link wheels must work all the time, the website must be optimized to generate organic traffic and you should engage your audience on social media.

3) End It With a Gift.
As you work on converting potential leads to customers, you must work on certain surprises. You need to delight the target audience in more ways than one. Just as you satiate the audience with the valuable content, have something to offer that will easily close the sale. It could be a discount, amazing customer service, some freebies or anything that the customer will appreciate.

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