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125 Best Catchy Soup Business Names

Soup is a international staple. It is comfort food to the highest level. The best part about it is that there are absolutely no limits on how creative you can be! Opening up a soup shop can be tons of fun and bring delicious food to many people. These are some wonderful names of existing soup businesses that can give you inspiration for the name of your own.

All We Eat
Archie’s Soups
Baltimore Soup Company
Bear’s Broth
Bloomin’ Brands
Bottoms Up
Bread Bowl
Croc Soup Company
Cup a Soup
Cupid Cup Soup
Daily Soup
Damn Delicious
Dangy Fest
Dux Soup
Eat by Chloe
Empty Bowl
Empty Stomach
Fed and Fit
Food Row
Fresh Marque
Grammy’s Kitchen
Half and Hearty
Happiness Soups
Hearth Warmth Goodies
Heritage Foods
Home Cookery
Hot Shot Soup
I Am Food
Jo Cooks
Joy Spice Soup
Just a Taste
Kettle Cuisine
Korean Bapsang
Ladle & Leaf
Lick The Spoon
Liquid Cloud Soup
Little Miss Soup
Love and Lemons
Mingling Soup
Molly’s Soup
Momma’s Stew
My Goodness!
Mystic Soup Company
Nim Com Soup
Operation Soup
Pale OMG
Perry’s Plate
Pho Shizzle
Pinch of Yum
Primal Gourmet
Princeton Soup & Sandwich
Project Soup
Ramen Time
Rare Origin
Ripple Foods
Rooster Soup Company
San Francisco Soup Company
Simple and Crisp
Simple Vegan
Soup Addic
Soup Boutique
Soup Bowl
Soup Box
Soup Chick
Soup Fusion
Soup Man
Soup Matters
Soup Peddler
Soup Settle
Soup Sip
Soup Spoon
Soup String
Soup’s On
Souper Bowl
Souper Wagon
Soups for You
Soups n Broth
Soupy Layer
Soupy Surf
Spoonful of Comfort
Stir Soul
Stock Pot
Stone Soup Company
Super Power Soup
Super Soup
Sweet Tomatoes
Tasty Kitchen
That’s Amore
The 281 Soup Spot
The Defined Dish
The Hook Soup
The Morning Star Company
The Original Soupman
The Soup Company
The Soup Factory
The Soup Kitchen
The Soup Lady
The Soup Loop
The Soup Queen
The Soupery
The Stock Market
The Stone Soup Company
The Wooden Spoon
Tin Cup
Two Mammas Home Cookin
Urban Whole
Wellness Mama
Where’s the Soup
Yes, Soup for You
Yorkfield Soup
Yum! Brands

This intriguing video is all about what it’s like to work at one of the biggest soup factories in the world. You see the day to day workings of these people, and how they get the job done.

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