23 Best Catchy Karaoke Company Names

Karaoke is a very fun and social activity where people sing to popular songs. It is a popular and trendy thing to do, and has been for quite some time! If you are looking to open your very own karaoke spot then a good and catchy name is just what you need to set your apart from the rest. This list of existing karaoke company names should give you some ideas on just how creative you can get!

5 Bar
DoReMi Music
Grand Karaoke
Instant Star
Jazzmoon Karaoke
Karaoke Duet 35
Karaoke Plus
Karaoke Shout
Limelight Stage
Planet Rose
Prospect Park
Pulse Karaoke Lounge
Radio Star
Sing Sing Karaoke
The Brass Monkey
The Karaoke Cave
The Singing Machine
The Singing Stop
The Spot Karaoke
U2 Karaoke

This fun video is about a karaoke bar’s opening. The design of the establishment as well as the activities they offer are all featured in this fun video.