23 Best Catchy Gospel Music Slogans

Gospel music is music that is centered around spreading the word of God through heart felt and passionate music. If you are creating a new gospel group or recording a gospel album than having a wonderful tagline is a great way to get your name out there. Here are some wonderful slogans centered around gospel music.

Free Trip to heaven. Details Inside!
Getting lyrical for the Lord.
God’s work done in God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.
Hallelujah Jesus is alive!
In the dark? Follow the Son.
Jesus Chris is Lord!
Jesus is power!
Jesus turns frowns, upside down!
Keeping the Faith.
Living the Gospel life.
Music for Life.
Music of the Spirit.
No Peace – No God. Know God – Know Peace.
Putting amazing back into grace!
Sing and you will find.
Solely Graceful.
Spreading the Word through Uplifting music.
Together We Sing.
Uplifting Entertainment
Want Heaven? Get Jesus!
We sing the power of god.
We still know His name.
Where words fail, music speaks.

Gospel music requires passion, soul, and spirit. This great gospel music group has all of these things and portray it in a wonderfully passionate way.