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21 Bachelorette Party Invite Wording Ideas

Bachelorette parties are a time for the bride to be to let loose and enjoy one of their last nights with the girlfriends before the big day. Majority of parties desired by brides are at remote locations such as Vegas or Mexico. Only 4% of women overall desire to invite the guys to their special ladies event. A selection of bachelorette party invite wording ideas are listed below capturing some of the fun and verbiage that can be used to offer a tone of excitement and fun for this one time event.

[name] is the luckiest girl in town. She’s getting married to the best guy around. Let’s shower her with some sexy gifts, it’s a lingerie shower bachelorette you won’t want to miss.

[name] is tying the knot. Join us for one last evening of fun.

Before she is his bride, let us spend one last night by her side! Join us for [name] bachelorette party.

Before the special day she becomes his bride, let’s spend one last single night by her side.

Come and join us for a night on the town to celebrate in style for [name] bachelorette party.

Girls night out for [name] bachelorette bash!

He caught her hook, link, and sinker! Help us celebrate [name] last days as a single woman at a surprise party in her honor.

Hello girls! The time is here. Mark your calendars and pack your hear. Off to New York, on [date] we will go and borrow [name] from her handsome beau!

It’s girl’s night own, there is no doubt! Let’s paint the town as [name] single days are winding down.

It’s ladies night! Please join us for [name] bachelorette extravaganza.

It’s time for the girls to mix and mingle, these are [name] last days of being single! Join us for [name] bachelorette.

It’s time for us girls to mix and mingle, these are [name] last few weeks of being single. Time is ticking and the bells will soon chime, let’s get crazy while there is still time.

Ladies, pack your suitcases let’s cheer to the future. Mrs. [name] with deluxe drinks and dancing in Vegas.

Let the good times foll! [name] bachelorette party.

One last crazy night for [name]! Join us for her bachelorette celebration.

Put on your dancing shoes, join is for girls night out in honor of [name].

The cake, the dress, the church and such… All this planning – it can be way too much! Good friends, many laughs, & naughty lingerie… A night of fun for [name] before her wedding day.

The fling before the ring! [name] bachelorette party.

The gals are having a night on the town to celebrate [name] bachelorette party! Please join us for a night of fun and festivities.

The limo has been booked and the table is reserved, so we can give [name] the bachelorette party she deserves. Put on the dresses and highest heels and come ready for drinks, dinner, laughter, and squeals.

While prince charming is away, we are taking her out to play. Everything will be alright for one last wild and crazy night! Join us for [name] bachelorette party.

The below infographic outlines the current trends and costs involved for a bachelorette party. More than 60% of parties involve a Vegas theme, pink, or naughty touch to the event. More than 1 in 3 girls want to have a naughty themed party. More than half of brides to be find the best part of a bachelorette party is being with friends and 43% believed it to be based on the ability to get a little wild. More than three fourths of event planners spend more than $100 planning the party.

Bachelorette Party Trends and Cost

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