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2014 Holiday Spending Trends on Social Media


Have you ever wondered or figured out the specific reason why there’s a surge in sales particularly during the holidays? Why do people indulge in shopping sprees at specific times of the year, whether it is a religious festival or a date that has prominent social or cultural relevance?

The concept or custom of gifting has been around for centuries. It is almost ancient. But shipping sprees or shopping extravaganzas is not an archaic custom. It is more of a modern day practice that most families around the world have imbibed.

The practice has actually been developed by marketers. With unprecedented sales, manufactured rushes and unique as well as compelling tactics, the marketers of the world have enticed people to splurge during holiday seasons, be it Christmas or New Year, Thanksgiving or just an odd end of season sale. 2014 would be no different than any other recent years, with the only exception being an added or more concerted focus on social media marketing.

In Holiday Social Marketing Trends 2014, you will explore what American retailers are spending this holiday season on social media to capture the attention of any and sundry whom they think could be valuable leads or customers. Social media is inarguably the strongest medium right now and to not use it for marketing, especially during the holiday season, will tantamount to juvenile strategizing.

Facebook is undoubted the biggest online catchment area. Twitter follows next and then there is Instagram and a host of other dozen sites with declining significance and outreach. It is outreach that is a priority for many marketers while many others will focus more on leads or traffic to the official sites of the brands. The bottom line is lucid. The more people one can reach out to, the more traffic a specific initiative can generate; the more sales a company would be rewarded with.

Last year, $602 billion was spent during the holidays and this year the estimates peg the figure at $650 billion. That’s a whooping figure for a brief period of time. Many brands focus solely on such times of the year to make up for perennial losses.

But to use the holiday season or any specific time for that matter, there has to be a marketing strategy. Randomly offering discounts or special deals will be futile if there is no definite planning. There has to be some well defined objectives. Else, budgeting for the entire discounting program and marketing the same would become challenging. Placing offers is not the endgame. It is only a way to entice the customers or prospective consumers. The offers too need to be promoted to truly utilize the holiday season and to partake in the spending spree of customers.

The info-graphic will shed light on how marketers are planning to use social media, which sites are more important and what the different expectations are this year. If a brand has to turnaround the tables, then holiday seasons are the best times.

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