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20 Ways to Make Blog Posts that Aren’t Boring


Boring content is killing your brand. Thankfully, this is a problem that is easy to fix. Just follow these rules when creating your next batch of content and you should begin seeing improved results.

1) Have One Concept.
Create a thesis for your content. Weave this one theme into every idea that you present. Provide meaningful arguments that support your opinion. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. If you support your thesis from start to finish, you’ll be more likely to engage a reader throughout the entire content.

2) Avoid Being Wordy.
You may need a thesis, but you’re not writing a thesis paper. You’re creating content for the internet. Use common words and descriptions. Keep sentences short whenever possible. Break up your ideas into central sub-themes so readers can pick out key bits of data they want. This encourages engagement.

3) Be Active.
There is a time and place for passive writing. Active voice is the better option in most circumstances. An active voice implies a direct solution to a problem being faced. A passive voice is an attempt to be diplomatic. A passive voice detector, like this one from Datayze, helps to identify transitive verbs and auxiliary phrases to remove.

4) Avoid the Hard Sell.
You need a good call to action. You must encourage readers to become conversions. Instead of telling people why you’re the best, show them that you are the best. The most effective calls to action don’t try to make a hard sell. They don’t need to do so. That is because they show their effectiveness and let the reader determine its ultimate value.

5) Appeal to Emotion.
You are forgettable. Making someone feel something creates memories. Be passionate. Let your expertise shine through. Make that expertise and passion be impactful.

6) Keep it Clean.
Mistakes happen when creating content. People are forgiving of the occasional mistake. It is when your content is riddled with errors that your content becomes boring and problematic. Keep some white space within your content design. Be humorous and approachable in your graphics and videos. Eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

To avoid being boring, content must make a positive impact. It must solve a problem for that person. If you identify the potential problems of your audience and craft content around providing solutions, you will no longer be a bore.

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