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20 Incredible Mark Fisher Quotes

Mark Fisher is the author of ‘Capitalist Realism’ and a British writer and cultural theorist. As a noted blogger and writer of radical politics and popular culture, there is much that can be learned from this brilliant mind. Here is a look at some of the most notable Mark Fisher quotes ever recorded.

“All those who have accomplished great things in life, regardless of the field, have always ignored the objections raised by strictly “rational” thinkers.”

“Always remember that at a certain height there are no clouds. If there are clouds in your life, it’s because your soul hasn’t soared high enough.”

“Capital is an abstract parasite, an insatiable vampire and zombie maker; but the living flesh it converts into dead labor is ours, and the zombies it makes are us.”

“If capitalist realism is so seamless, and if current forms of resistance are so hopeless and impotent, where can an effective challenge come from?”

“If you want to change your life, you must start by changing your thoughts.”

“If you want to succeed in life, you have to make sure you have no choice in the matter.”

“It is impossible to conceive of facism or Stalinism without propaganda, but capitalism can proceed perfectly well, in some ways better, without anyone making a case for it.”

“Keep this well in mind: All the events in your life are a mirror image of your thoughts.”

“Make sure you’re positive about your choice of careers. All the millionaires I’ve known – and I’ve met quite a few over the years – loved their occupations.”

“Only prisoners have time to read, and if you want to engage in a twenty-year long research project funded by the state, you will have to kill someone.”

“People who waste time waiting for all the perfect conditions to fall into place never get anything done. The ideal time for action is NOW!”

“Remember Mozart: true genius resides in simplicity.”

“Since time began, the rich have been using other people’s money to amass their fortunes. Anyone really serious has never needed money to make money.”

“The role of capitalist ideology is not to make an explicit case for something in the way that propaganda does, but to conceal the fact that the operations of capital do not depend on any sort of subjectively assumed belief.”

“The stronger a person’s character is, the more powerful his thoughts will be, and the more quickly they will tend to manifest, thus shaping the circumstances of his life.”

“The stronger your mind is, the more insignificant your problems appear.”

“Those who never do what they really enjoy doing, who have given up their dreams, so to speak, belong to the living dead.”

“What most people, or at least the unsuccessful ones, are unaware of is that life gives us exactly what we ask from it.”

“When your mind reaches its highest level of concentration, you will enter that extraordinary state where dreams and reality coincide.”

“Your self-image is so powerful that it unwittingly becomes your destiny. Outer circumstances end up matching the image you have of yourself with amazing precision.”

Here is one appearance that Mark Fisher made at a conference as he discussed capitalism and the inability of other systems to compete with its political economic system and structure.

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