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20 Good Tips for Job Interview Preparation


5 Tips For Proper Interview Etiquette

Are you struggling to find a new job? Does your current employment feel like a dead end, yet you can’t seem to get a promotion or transfer over to a new company? For many employees, the reason why they can’t find employment or advance in their career isn’t because they don’t have the right job skills. It’s because they aren’t following the proper etiquette of the interview process and this lack of etiquette is being viewed as an overall lack of respect. Thankfully that can be fixed quickly by utilizing these 5 tips for proper interview etiquette!

Tip #1: Don’t Be a Slouch

Your posture says a lot about how you’re feeling in a non-verbal way. If you’re hunched over in your chair, closed off to the interviewer, this is going to be viewed as either:

• you don’t really want to be in that interview in the first place.
• you aren’t being really truthful about what you’re saying.

Both of those observations won’t lead to a positive outcome! To counter this issue, remember to sit up straight and keep your posture in a way that is straight, yet comfortable. This communicates to the interviewer that you have confidence, your experience is beneficial, and that you have the potential to make an immediate impact.

Tip #2: Do Your Research!

Many interviewers close with a question like “Do you have any questions for me?” This is your opening to ask questions about the company that you’ve thought up through your research of the company before the interview. It can’t be skimming the home page of the website either – look at a company’s financials, find policies or procedures that they may use, and ask questions about what the future of the company might be like. This communicates you have an interest in the organization.

Tip #3: Have Clear, Concise Answers

One of the biggest annoyances for an interviewer is to ask a basic question that requires just a simple statement, such as “Is being on time a priority for you?” and instead they get a 5 minute discussion about why sometimes employers should think about the purpose behind why someone is late. Some questions require complicated answers. Some questions don’t at all. Give an honest answer, don’t give up more information than you need, and your concise answers will put you near the top of the pack.

Tip #4: Be On Time

When talking about being on time for an interview, it’s not showing up when the interview is about to start. It’s showing up 15-20 minutes early for the interview so that you can be ready when the interviewer is ready. Be conscious of your actions while you’re waiting as well – employees of a company speak with each other. Chances are there’s someone who will tell the interviewer every move you make while you wait.

Tip #5: Send a Follow-Up

Believe it or not, more people tend to find the employment they want because they take the time to send a thank you note for receiving the interview. Snail mail or e-mail are both considered to be acceptable forms of a thank you, but saying thank you over social media is often frowned upon because let’s face it – commenting “Thank you for the interview!” on a Facebook business page takes very little effort.

With these tips in hand, you can ace your next interview because you’ve followed proper interviewing etiquette. Now go out and get that dream job you’ve always wanted!

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