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21 Confectionery Industry Statistics and Trends

Confectionery Industry Statistics 2013

The confectionery industry is broken down into two categories of manufacturers and retail/distributors normally categorized under the candy industry. The leading global confectionery company is Mars Inc. with Hershey’s owning 44.1% of the United States chocolate market share. The following recent statistics provide a snapshot of the current United States confectionery industry.

Total Industry Circulation
Confectionery Manufacturers: 5,298
Confectionery Retailer/Wholesalers/Distributor: 8,228

Top 10 Biggest Confectionery Markets

Projections based on a republishing by Candy Industry Magazine of Euromonitor’s International growth projections for the confectionery industry in 5 years time.

1. United States: $34.5 Billion
2. Brazil: $15.6 Billion
3. United Kingdom: $14.6 Billion
4. Russia: $12.6 Billion
5. China $12.5 Billion
6. Germany: $12.2 Billion
7. Japan $9.6 Billion
8. France: $7.6 Billion
9. Italy: $5.9 Billion
10. Mexico: $5.1 Billion

United States Confectionery Market
Latest published statistics of current state of the United States Confectionery Market as per the US Department of Commerce and Global Trade Atlas.

11. Retail Sales: $31.7 Billion
12. Manufacturer Shipments: $20.0 Billion
13. Domestic Manufacturer Shipments: $18.4 Billion
14. Imports: $2.7 billion
15. Exports: $1.4 Billion

Top 5 Confectionery Companies Worldwide

As reported by Candy Industry Magazine in 2012 of the top five global confectionery companies.

16. Kraft Foods
Number of employees: 98,000
Total Factories: 1,683
Net Sales: $19.96 Billion

17. Mars Inc.
Number of employees: 65,000
Total Factories: 1,353
Net Sales: $16.20 Billion

18. Nestle SA
Number of employees: 283,000
Total Factories: 4,563
Net Sales: $12.80 Billion

19. Ferrero Group
Number of employees: 21,600
Total Factories: 18
Net Sales: $9.61 Billion

20. Hershey Foods Corp
Number of employees: 14,400
Total Factories: N/A
Net Sales: $6.11 Billion

Customer Statistics

Insight into the consumer trends of consumers by age groups with the purchasing of chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery published by the Speciality Food Association in 2012.

All Age Groups
Chocolate: 62%
Non-Chocolate: 20%

Age 18-24
Chocolate: 66%
Non-Chocolate: 28%

Age 25-35
Chocolate: 63%
Non-Chocolate: 27%

Age 35-44
Chocolate: 66%
Non-Chocolate: 25%

Age 45-54
Chocolate: 60%
Non-Chocolate: 16%

Age 55-64
Chocolate: 60%
Non-Chocolate: 11%

Age 65+
Chocolate: 55%
Non-Chocolate: 14%

Behind the Scenes of a Chocolate & Candy Shop

This video takes you behind the scenes of the Fouquet Chocolate & Candy Shop in Paris.

Confectionery Industry Statistics for Easter

The confectionery industry really shines during Easter resulting in the purchasing of 120 million pounds of candy. Other popular holidays for confectionery are Valentines and Halloween.

Interesting Facts About Easter

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