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20 Best Small Business Mobile Apps


20 Great Small Business Apps

Are you a small business owner? If so, thousands of smartphone apps are now available to you. These apps can help you be more efficient by aiding you in doing things easier, cheaper and quicker. They will help you champion your business. Here are some of the 20 great small business apps.

File Sharing

In the category of file sharing, Dropbox is the best. Not only is it free, it is also easy and quick, enabling businesses to make all their documents, photos and videos to go. Sharing files with both friends and colleagues is made more simple with this app as well.

Video Conferencing

For video conferencing, Skype is the best. It is a popular piece of software both with businesses and leisure customers. Skype offers free send and text chat facilities in addition to free video chat. Their rates are cheap for calling compatible smartphones and landlines at only 0.7p a minute. This makes Skype the most user-friendly and flexible program of its kind worldwide.


Security is very important in business. mSeven Software offers mSecure, which offers cross-platform options as standard. This program can keep track of all business passwords in a deeply protected space. This program helps people use multiple passwords for Mac, Windows and iOS. Otherwise, people will generally only use about three or four passwords for all websites.

Project Management

When it comes to project management, Podio, Clarizen, Zoho, Planbox, Hyperoffice, Mavenlink, Primadesk and Readdle are the best. Planbox is simple and powerful, offering agility to teams. Hyperoffice gives its users a fully-integrated suite of collaboration tools and online communication. Mavenlink offers cloud-based project management. Primadesk strives to take the stress out of managing various online accounts. Readdle produces multiple apps for iOS devices.

Time Management

Every office needs time management programs. Officetime and My Lead Responder are some great ones. It strives to eliminate time between lead creation and agent, helping users close leads fast.

Data Management

With data management, Formmobi is the best. It is a cloud-based clipboard that helps businesses be more efficient so that they are not retyping the same information over and over into different systems. It helps them to create a form and gather the data remotely.


Kashflow is the best accounting program, providing easy to use and intuitive online software for small business owners. Allowing both established organizations and start ups with to automate often elaborate tasks, it is a life saver.


With marketing, Localvox is wonderful. It was designed as the best web marketing app on the market. It helps physical businesses establish their identities online. Owners get the chance to publish news, deal announcements and events across all their social media accounts with just one click. These have been a few of the 20 great small business apps.

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