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50 Best Catchy Prom Queen Slogans

Prom queen campaigns begin weeks before the actual dance, and boy do they get creative. Here are the top 50 catchy prom queen slogans to use on your flyers and posters.

2-4-6-8 Vote for Me Don’t Hesitate.
A Classy Choice for this Class.
A Prom Queen To Be Proud Of.
A Queen You Can Be Proud Of.
Be a Smartie. Vote (Your Name) for Prom Queen.
Cast Your Ballot. Have You Heard? (Your Name) For Prom Queen. Spread The Word!
Clap your hands. Say it loud. (Your Name) is the one who makes you Proud.
Clap Your Hands. Stomp Your Feet. Vote For (Your Name) Because She’s So Sweet.
Don’t be a Dum-Dum be a Smartie and Vote for (Your Name).
Don’t Be A Sucker. Vote (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Don’t be Confused. Vote for (Your Name) for Prom Queen.
Don’t Be Mean. Make Me Queen.
Don’t Blow It. Chews Me. (Bubble Gum Theme)
Don’t let Your Vote go Down the Toilet. Vote (Your Name).
Every Girl Is A Princess, But Only One Can Be Queen.
Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, Don’t Vote for Them, Please Vote for Me.
Free Drinks On Me! (Put Above Water Fountain)
Give Me The Crown, And Together We’ll Rule.
Give Me The Crown, I Won’t Let Your Down.
Give Me Your Votes and I Will Take the Notes.
I Don’t Always Vote, But When I Do It’s For (Name).
I Got Wit, I Got Grace, I’m the Best Prom Queen for This Place.
I Have Heart. I Have Vision. Voting For Me Is a Great Decision.
I Mustache You To Vote For (Your Name).
I’m Not Smart Or Attractive, So Just Give Me This One.
In This Scene, So Serene, Vote For (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Keep Calm and Vote (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Let Me Be The Leader Of This Pack.
Let Your Prom Be Unleashed With (Your Name).
Make Somebody Happy. Vote For (Your Name).
Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Royalty!
Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Be Queen!
Please Vote For Me. I Already Told My Mom I Won.
Rumor Has It That (Your Name) Is Running For Prom Queen.
Share a vote with (Your Name).
She’s Got Heart, She’s Got Dtyle, Vote for the Girl with the Smile.
Shout Out Loud, Stomp Your Feet, A Vote for (Your Name) Would be Sweet.
Some People Are Jut Worth Voting For.
Stop (Stop Sign Shape and Style). Vote (Your Name) for Prom Queen.
Stop Horsing Around And Vote For (Your Name) For Queen.
Turn my Frown Upside Down and Help Me Win the Crown.
Victoria’s Real Secret Is That She Voted For Me For Queen.
Vote For (Your Name). She Has All The Koalafications of Queen. (Koala Poster)
Vote for Me and Spread the Word.
Vote for me I’m the Right Choice.
Vote For Me. I Can Talk The Talk AND Walk The Walk.
We like (Your Name). Yes we do! We’ll vote for her and so should you.
What Do You Mean You Didn’t Vote For (Your Name)?
You Have the Force in You to Vote for (Your Name).
Your Vote Would Be a Real Treat.

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