20 Best Catchy Prom Queen Slogans

What girl doesn’t dream of being voted as the queen of the prom? Prom is a traditional right of passage for all those that are about to leave high school, and the honor of prom queen is highly sought after. Campaigns for votes often begin weeks before the actual dance, and boy do they get creative. Catch your own creativity with some great slogans for flyers and posters.

A Queen You Can Be Proud Of.
Cast Your Ballot. Have You Heard? (Your Name) For Prom Queen. Spread The Word!
Clap Your Hands. Stomp Your Feet. Vote For (Your Name) Because She’s So Sweet.
Don’t Be A Sucker. Vote (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Don’t Be Mean. Make Me Queen.
Don’t Blow It. Chews Me. (Bubble Gum Theme)
Every Girl Is A Princess, But Only One Can Be Queen.
Free Drinks On Me! (Put Above Water Fountain)
Give Me The Crown, And Together We’ll Rule.
In This Scene, So Serene, Vote For (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Keep Calm and Vote (Your Name) For Prom Queen.
Let Your Prom Be Unleashed With (Your Name).
Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Royalty!
Oh I Just Can’t Wait To Be Queen!
Please Vote For Me. I Already Told My Mom I Won.
Some People Are Jut Worth Voting For.
Vote For (Your Name). She Has All The Koalafications of Queen. (Koala Poster)
Vote For Me. I Can Talk The Talk AND Walk The Walk.

This fun and energetic video was made as a campaign tool for one young girls campaign to be the prom queen. This can give you some great ideas to implement in your own race for the crown.