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1Password vs LastPass

How do you manage your passwords? Do you keep a computer file of them available? Are you keeping track of them on paper? Another solution is to use a password management platform from a third-party to protect your data. That allows you to instantly create and manage long, complex passwords that are more difficult to guess.

Two of the most useful password management platforms that are available today are 1Password and LastPass. In the 1Password vs LastPass debate, there are certain similarities and certain differences which must be evaluated.

1Password is priced at $36 per year. It works on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The free version is limited to a single mobile device. Unlike LastPass, two-factor authentication is not included with this management tool. It works with today’s most common browsers.

LastPass is competitively priced at just $24 per year. For that price, you receive access to today’s most common browsers, including watchOS. There is a free version that can be used as well, but password sharing is not included on the basic plan. LastPass can function with Opera, something that 1Password cannot do.

Here are some of the other key points to look at when comparing 1Password and LastPass for your password protection needs.

What Are the Similarities of 1Password and LastPass?

  • Users receiver form-filling options on multiple websites to increase personal productivity.
  • Both platforms use a master password system that locks login credentials within a digital vault.
  • Although 1Password used to store password data locally, they have begun migrating it to off-site locations like LastPass. Both uses 256-bit AES encryption.
  • 1Password and LastPass allow users to generate new passwords based on personal preferences with some customization available.
  • Users can storage secure documents up to a specified limit. Credit cards, addresses, and bank details can also be stored, in addition to the password storage features offered.

What Are the Advantages of 1Password?

  • A group subscription plan is available on this platform for $60 per year, allowing up to 5 users to share one synced account with individual logins.
  • Users have access to what is called an “emergency kit.” It is a PDF file that can be printed or stored locally. It contains the credentials needs to access account information in case some of it is forgotten.
  • Sharing passwords is easy thanks to a family URL that is provided, allowing people to gain access to the vault when they may need to access a specific website.
  • A feature called “Watchtower” pays more attention to websites that have already been hacked. If it detects an account on one of these sites, it will notify users that a password change is required.
  • A downloadable password vault is available to provide a higher level of mobile application availability.
  • An included travel mode removes select faults from mobile devices or computers for an added level of protection when traveling. The removal is temporary and the vaults return when the travel mode is removed.
  • Users are able to restore previous versions of items if something is accidentally changed or deleted.
  • Inviting people to a family or team account requires a single click and one subscription can cover everyone without the need to manage individual licenses.
  • The entire platform can be tried for free for up to 30 days without the need to enter a credit card.

What Are the Advantages of LastPass?

  • Users can sync their information to an unlimited number of devices, even on the free version of this platform.
  • It can be accessed through the browser being used, meaning it doesn’t need to be installed on one primary computer to work.
  • LastPass has provided support for all primary operating systems.
  • Compared to 1Password, users gain the advantage of two-factor authentication for their data protection.
  • Automatic changes to passwords can be applied with a single click for about 80 websites at once should a data breach occur.
  • Users are able to sort their passwords into specific folders for easy management.
  • Folders have a search function and a premium subscription allows for the information to be shared with trusted family members and friends.
  • Dedicated safety features are offered that allow for customized security, such as the ability to restrict user access from specific countries.
  • Auto-fill options are available on specific sites, making it faster to input specific data, such as credit card information.
  • Data for auto-fill can be captured directly from the screen when it is being entered by the user for the first time.
  • Users can protect secure notes, personal information, credit card information, and software licenses using this password management platform.
  • The platform reminds you of passwords that have already been used and will prompt changes if it detects a password that it thinks is too weak to use.

What Are the Disadvantages of 1Password and LastPass?

The primary disadvantage when using a product like 1Password or LastPass is that it creates a centralized hub of protected data. These hubs become a first target for those seeking personal information for nefarious purposes. Password management platforms have experienced data breaches in the past, including LastPass, that has put user data at-risk of being stolen.

Here are the other disadvantages which need to be considered in the 1Password vs LastPass debate.

  • 1Password may have Android compatibility, but the usefulness of this platform is minimal.
  • The group password plan for 1Password is best used if all 5 people are using Apple computer products.
  • In the data breach that LastPass experienced, encrypted passwords, email addresses, and account security measures were all compromised.
  • Losing or forgetting the master password and associated security reminders makes it difficult to access personal information when it is needed.

For some users, offline password management may still be a better option that online, browser-based, or Cloud-based password management.

Which is Better: 1Password vs LastPass?

Both 1Password and LastPass offer good password protection benefits. They are able to offer effective information access to users that occurs behind a secured and encrypted master password that is difficult for hackers to locate. That makes it easier for users to management multiple websites, multiple data points, and other forms of personal data.

Group accounts make it easier for multiple people within the same household or business to manage this data as well.

As with any third-party password manager, hackers that can gain access to this data could cause a lot of problems for individuals or groups because they’d have access to all data instead of just one component of it.

Because of the advantages and disadvantages which exist, it is important to consider every key point in the 1Password vs LastPass debate. By evaluating which key points best meet personal needs, it becomes possible to determine which of these platforms will offer the correct solution that protects your data.

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