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21 Retail In Store Signage Statistics and Techniques


Personalizing the In-Store Retail Experience

As compared to before, shoppers have more options with respect to “hot to buy” as compared to before. The question is how a retailer maintains the freshness of this experience, making it profitable. Eight distinct shoppers typologies were identified by researchers from medallion retail.

1. Caretakers: These formed 18% of the sampled population who would rather replace and repair than make a fresh purchase.

2. Advocates: This group forms 8%. They are demanding but willing to create awareness with respect to your brand.

3. Conventional: This forms 9% and they aspire and follow the rules appropriately.

4. Sophisticates: They are willing to pay more to have the best services. They form 10% of the population.

5. Gradualists: These are interested in purchases and getting the best deals available. They form 10% of the sampled population.

6. Students: Forming 10%, they are data driven and study before making a purchase.

7. Indulgent Shoppers: This forms 18% of the population. They spend more on what appeals more to them.

8. Mechanists: These form 17%. They look at the details and are looking for a hedge.

What Shoppers Want

• Over 40% of shoppers will shop at a retail outlet that personalized the shopping experience.

• It is believed by over 70% of retailers that developing a personalized in store experience is necessary in few years to come.

• For customers who shop entirely in store, they visit about 7.5 times a year. For those who shop online, they browse through a retailer an average twice a year.

• Customer prefer in store acknowledgement as compared to digital channels.

• 75% of customers surveyed said they chose to enter a store they had not previously visited strictly because of its sign.

• 68% of customers believe a store’s sign is a reliable indicator of the store’s excellence of product or service.

Seeing the Brand

By personalizing the in store equation, you complete the puzzle. By combing mobile technology, the show room and online shopping options with a personal experience, can bring you success of the system. Combine customer service with a signage and display to get the best of it. Make sure to follow these 8 important tips.

1. Invite. Make customers feel welcome and they will always come back.
2. Give direction, guiding them and make them feel empowered.
3. Give them that special moment.
4. Make your product relevant in her life.
5. Make her take the right decision.
6. Give her the reassurance that she has made the right choice.
7. Establish a connection between the shopper and the purchase.
8. Appreciate your customer in a manner that makes them happy.

Things for In Store Personalization

1. Create A Feedback system for the shopper.
2. Increase personal service.
3. Sell in a life style context.
4. Ensure clear communications.
5. Grant customers access and empower them.

Create a 1-on-1 Experience

1. Find out what a client has purchased in the past and what can be offered right now.
2. Make sure you are aware of who is in the store and what the person is doing.
3. Find out what product the client is handling.
4. Do you have a product that is especially for her?

Take Advantage of the Following

Loyalty Programs
Shopper Events
Curated POP/POS
On Site Promotions
Fresh Signage

Use signage to perform the following:
• Recommend
• Educate
• Connect
• Inform
• Inspire

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