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19 Gluten Free Statistics and Trends in the Restaurant Industry

19 Gluten Free Statistics and Trends in the Restaurant Industry

Benefits of Gluten Free Products in Restaurants

Gluten is a protein found commonly in factory manufactured wheat and barley products. This protein is the main causing agent of celiac disease, and people are being advised against taking factory manufactured wheat products. Hotels and restaurants are also advised against using these factory manufactured products. This is because there are many diagnosed of celiac and there are many undiagnosed cases on the same. It is due to this reason why many people have started avoiding factory manufactured foods, hence the reason why restaurants are also advised to avoid most of these foods.

1. Provide specialized categorized menu for gluten free meals
As a restaurant operator, you need to understand that people will want to eat healthy, and although they may not ask you, you are obligated to give them healthy foods. It is due to this reason why you should consider persons who are already infected, and people who are afraid of gluten but would like to live healthy. This can only be achieved by preparing meals from two menus, where you can have a menu for gluten free meal, and another with the same for people who do not mind. It would however be advisable for you if you advised these people on the dangers of gluten, and how to avoid it. $4.2 billion is the size of the gluten-free market in the United States in 2012.

2. Have a nutritionist advise you accordingly
Since gluten is found in most wheat, barley and bray manufactured products, it might be hard for you, the chef or manager to have options on what to use. However, a nutritionist is well educated and conversant with these things, and can help you out when stuck. You can seek the help of a nutritionist to help you understand and pick out alternatives to these products. Your restaurant will be playing a major role in fighting the celiac disease, and people will start streaming into the café once they get to know about it. 29% Americans who say they are trying to avoid gluten for health reasons.

3. Train your staff on how to embrace the change
For the best service on gluten free meals and dishes, all the staff needs to be educated and enlightened on the new methods on how to avoid gluten. This will also help them understand how to handle a client, and advice on the benefits of gluten free meals for the good of their health. As long as the personnel understand why they are serving gluten free meals, it will then be easier to bring people onboard in the fight against celiac infections.

4. Inform clients and customers why you are working against gluten
the best way to sell a product is by creating an awareness on the same to people around. You can have banners around the restaurant for the customers to read to understand why you are serving gluten free foods. You can also involve the staff into talking to customers into using these products instead of the factory manufactured ones, and this way will move a bigger mass of people. Customers are usually happier when they learn that you do actually care about them even when they buy products from you, and will become loyal customers just for that.

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