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19 Exceptional PPC Ad Tips


Pay per click (PPC) ads are still very much relevant in this day and age. You can find examples of these ads everywhere you look. If you’re crafting your very first PPC ad, or if you simply want to know what you can do to improve your next one, you’re probably wondering about the things that serve to define the perfect PPC ad.

While different ads naturally want to achieve different things, there are a number of elements that you can notice from one ad to the next. There are certain concepts that can almost be universally applied to every single successful PPC ad there is.

How To Create A PPC Ad

In order to appreciate how the perfect PPC ad is developed and then released, let’s take a look at the four most common types of PPC ads you’re likely to run across:

Display Ads:
A display ad is often known as a banner. These are often graphical in style, and you can find them in a huge variety of places. The headline should grab the reader’s attention, figuring the logo and a brief, memorable slogan. Have a high-quality image in the background, and make sure that image leaves enough room for the headline, the copy, and the CTA. You want copy that’s going to focus entirely on the particulars, with a call to action at the end that truly engages readers.

Facebook Ads:
A Facebook ad is going to be text-based, and feature a small image. You want the ad to have a sense of urgency, since you have very little copy to work with. The copy can include a surprising fact, or some sort of offer. The image definitely needs to be something that captures the viewer’s attention, and connects strongly to the content.

AdWords Ads:
An AdWords ad can be found aside the Google search results of something you have been searching for. These ads need to emphasize the keywords relevant to the content of the ad. They also need to have captivating copy, a powerful headline, and a clear understanding of how to properly construct the display URL and destination URL.

Floating Ads:
These have come to replace popup ads. You’ll find that you have to click on them as they float around a website. These ads needs to have strong headlines, a credible image, clear, concise copy, and a relatable CTA.

See how these ad types are similar? Do you also see how they differ?

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