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19 Elements of a Perfect Social Media Profile


Social media sites ate incredibly popular and a way that you can connect on may different levels. When you are creating an account on a social media site one of the main things that you need to consider is your profile picture. Having just the right profile picture posted on your page is important. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

1) What Your Profile Picture Says About You
They say that a picture is worth and thousand words and your profile picture makes more of an impact that you may realize. This means hat your picture can say many things about you, Perceived competence, likability and influence can all come from a picture. Having the right picture can signify that you are capable, friendly or a leader within your industry. This means that you need to know what different types of profile pics say about you. It is important that you convey just the right message.

2) Eyes
You might not realize it, but your eyes are one of the first things that others notice when they take a look at you profile picture. Eye contact in your picture makes you seem more competent and sunglasses have the opposite effect. If you want your competence to be at the highest rate, you might try adding a profile picture that features you wearing glasses. If your eyes are obstructed in any way within your profile picture, it lowers your perceived reliability and friendliness by a substantial amount. This means that you need to be sure that you choose a picture that offers a clear view of your eyes. People are looking for this type of connection when they look at your profile picture.

3) Face
You might think that a smile is cheesy, but it is what people are looking for in a profile picture. Not wearing a smile will make you seem less friendly, but also lowers your perceived competence. If you are going to post a picture that shows you smiling, be sure that you are showing teeth. When you show teeth when you smile, your profile picture is seen as more credible, friendly and you are also viewed as a leader in you industry.

4) Setting
How you look in your profile picture has the most impact, but the setting does not matter at all. This means that the backdrop of your photo does not play a part in how you are perceived by others in any way.

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