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18 Ways to Turn Contacts into Clients


There will be a time when you will run out of fresh leads. Unless you are one of the biggest brands in your industry, developing new products or services every month and spending millions on advertising, chances are you would not be getting an endless flow of new leads or clients. Hence, you need to look for greener pastures. You need unexplored or virgin audiences and new ways of generating leads and sales.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to mine unearthed leads and sales opportunities. You don’t need to look very far or scan the entire spectrum of social media. All you have to do is look around, check within your network and be accessible to all potential leads. Use these simple steps to generate new leads and to keep acquiring new clients.

1) There are always new ways to present your product or service.
There can always be something more that your company or the products and services can do. To figure this out, you must practice active listening. Be there, listen to what others are saying, what kind of problems your clients or your target audience are facing and accordingly you can offer a solution. You may need to tweak your offerings or they may be good enough as they are. It will be a simple case of repackaging. You would have to present your product or service as the solution to the problem that everyone is facing right now. Remain relevant and you would generate leads from the least likely sources.

2) Always use your company’s growth and development or any professional update to generate new leads from within your network.
Many companies have substantial achievements and they fail to cash in on them. You don’t need to blow a trumpet from the rooftop but you must subtly present all your facts and accomplishments to your existing clients and integrate them in your marketing campaigns. This way, you will establish authority and present your brand as a better alternative to the competition. Not only would the target audience make note of this but your existing clients will also be reminded of how great you are and how they have been consistently benefited. You can generate streams of referrals through such an exercise.

3) Always be willing to walk that extra mile, often for free.
Do volunteering or pro-bono work, be a part of associations and always make small sacrifices to strengthen existing and new relationships.

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