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19 Self Improvement Industry Statistics and Trends

Self Help Industry Statistics and Trends

The self improvement industry is estimated to be worth $11 billion in the United States alone. This industry includes a variety of market segments from holistic institutes, infomercials, books and audio books, motivational speakers, websites, seminars, personal coaching, online education, weight loss, and stress management programs. This growing market is expected to continue to see an average of 5.5% gains each year.

Self Help Market Segments

A breakdown of the self improvement individual trends seen with each segment.

Public Seminars
Live training seminars are a $400-$500 million dollar business but has slowly seen a decline in recent years due traveling costs. Webinars are now becoming more popular, lower cost, with availability anytime of day.

Program Packages
Offering self improvement services is transitioning to new formats of delivery packages such as audio, video, and over the internet. Coaching is being delivered over the phone with motivational speakers being found on teleseminars and webinars.

Book and Audio Sales
The book industry for self help is estimated to be worth $776 million with audio books being delivered to 24 million Americans with a total worth of $455 million.

Law of Attraction

A discussion of the law of attraction which is based on an effective method of attracting anything into your life.

16 Facts About Self Help

The following list of facts will help to provide trends and common traits associated with the self improvement industry.

1. The new target audience are women.
2. The industry is still growing even when we were hit by a recession.
3. Readers have renounced ownership to themselves.
4. Self help is dated back to 1859 with the first self improvement book was released titled, “Self Help.”
5. Infomercials bring in the largest sales volume.
6. Most self help guides do not consider environmental factors.
7. Materialism tramples spiritualism.
8. Moving into other industries such as athletic trainers and personal coaches.
9. Over 13 million relationship self help books sold in 2007.
10. 18,000 life coaches work in the United States.
11. The more stupid the title, the better it sells.
12. Men rarely buy into self help.
13. No oversight board for life coaches.
14. Televisions helps the already flourishing industry with shows such as Hoarders and Intervention.
15. Life coaching can become a profitable angle for mental health professionals.
16. Infomercial declined by 40 percent between 2007 and 2011.

I want to thank Marketdata Enterprises for doing the market research that identified these insightful statistics on the self improvement industry:
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