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18 Musts of a Real Estate Company Website Homepage

18 Musts of a Real Estate Company Website Homepage

Creating an Effective Real Estate Website

Today’s internet user is smart, savvy, and impatient. Even if you’ve got the best information in the world about what it is that you do, if you don’t provide a good user experience to access that information, people are going to leave your site and go somewhere else. The good news is that it is relatively simple to provide a fantastic user experience in your website design. Here are some ideas to help get you started on your website!

Provide clear navigation. People don’t like not knowing where to go on your website to access the specific information they need. If you can provide clear directions through page links, pictures, an effective search box, and then keep everything clean and concise, you’ll provide a great overall user experience.

Use a good call to action. Even though your primary use of a website might be to create an awareness of your brand, you can still incorporate an effective call to action to spur people to contact you. If you’re ready to talk about real estate, why not give me a call today to discuss your needs? It doesn’t have to be overly sales related to be effective.

Keep your content up-to-date. Even though it seems like it would be common sense to put relevant information on a website, the rigors of a busy day can cause real estate agents to put that work off. Have that happen for a few days in a row and a website can be completely forgotten and irrelevant. Make some time during each day to update your website with new listings, pictures, or even just a quick post on your blog about how great local real estate is doing. Fresh data will take you far.

Provide proof of how good you really are. Have you won awards for how great of a real estate agent you are? People are more likely to work with agents who have a proven reputation of success, so provide that proof to them on your website. It could be just through a simple bit of text or you could build an entire page around your trophies… and even build an online case for them! In this instance, bragging about yourself is ok!

Have current contact information available. The nature of a real estate agent is providing local buyers with a chance to connect to local sellers, right? For that reason alone, it is worthwhile to include your office address and a phone number that is easy to reach you at so that people can schedule an appointment with you right away. If you just use e-mail, you may end up getting clients who change their minds before you get a chance to return their e-mail. Instant contact info lets you close right away!

Provide references and/or testimonials. It’s easy to do a lot of research about you on the internet today. The nature of that information is generally negative because people expect a good experience – they don’t expect a negative one. You can temper that by including positive references and testimonials directly on your site for people to access. Using this and the other tips, you’ll be able to build an effective website that will convert more visitors, giving you the level of business that you want.

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