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18 Keys to the Perfect Marketing Email


Email marketing has been around for more than two decades now. Yet, most companies tend to go horribly wrong with their email marketing strategy. A staggering majority of companies misuse their email lists. You may have noticed yourself that some companies consistently badger you with their emails. Simply because emails are free and take very little data to send unless some heavy attachments are used, which is unlikely in marketing emails, doesn’t imply that a company can keep sending you tons of emails. Ideally, a company should send one email, once in a while, and that should be compelling enough for the recipient to act. If a message is good enough, then it doesn’t have to be reiterated.

In the associated info-graphic, Secrets To The Perfect Marketing Email, you will come across some very basic rules of composing the emails and then some rarely known tips on how to make your email standout.

It doesn’t matter what industry a company is in and what the eventual purpose of an email is, the email should be presented professionally. Even if it is an email offering a coupon for discount to a concert featuring some of the craziest artistes in the world, the email should still have a proper subject line, a formal opening mentioning where or who it is from and a reply email address or contact details of a person.

There is no universally accepted standard of how an email should be composed. Some companies jump straight to the point, some take a long time to make its point while some companies don’t really make it clear what it is they want from or with the recipient of that email. Ideally, a marketing email should have a pre-header, a header, headline, subheadings, images, a copy and signature. There should also be the contact details, social media plug-ins for sharing and call to action. You cannot miss out on any of these features or requisites in a marketing email. These requisites don’t necessarily make the marketing campaign complicated. Quite to the contrary, you can simplify the whole process and adhere to the finest practice of email marketing. If you wish to make your emails effective and intend to generate returns on your time, effort and email lists, then you have to go about it perfectly.

Explore the info-graphic and learn several more secrets to the perfect marketing email.

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