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18 Going Away Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Many people may celebrating going away for new jobs, relocation, or enlisting in the military. Have a party will help to celebrate their past accomplishments and rejoice in the new potential opportunities they will embrace. The below series of going away party invitation wording ideas are great samples to the types of messages that can be used when planning this special event.

[host name] wishes to extend to you the pleasure of a final evening as Seniors. You have all contributed so much to the school and no doubt you will do the same for the wider community in your new roles as adults. Congratulations, we hope you will share with us the celebration of your new beginning. [date, location, dress code, RSVP].

[name] and [name] are going away. Join us to bid them farewell on [date at time]. At the home of [name and address]. RSVP at [number].

[name] has joined the [branch of service] and will be leaving for boot camp. Join us to bid him a loving farewell on [date] at [time and address]. RSVP regrets only [number].

[name] is leaving to set sail on a new adventure. Come along and wish him/her well as he/she leaves on his/her voyage. [date, location, time]. Dress straight from the office. RSVP by [date].

[name] spun the wheel and took a chance. He/she hit the jackpot and landed a new job. [name] is off to Las Vegas to begin his/her new work. Join [name], the high roller at his/her farewell celebration on [date and location].

[name];s Farewell Party. You are invited to [name]’s farewell on [date and location]. Help us bid adieu [name] with style and make this party a memorable one.

A farewell night on Friday is being held in your honor, to thank you for your long commitment to this company. Dinner is organized at [location] at [time]. Your colleagues who admire and respect you are looking forward to expressing their best wishes. RSVP by [date].

An Evening in Paris as [name] will be moving soon to Paris. what better way to see him/her off than with a stylish farewell. [date and location].

Colleagues and valued clients. [name] is leaving [company name] after [x] years of dedicated service. Please join us this Friday in expressing best wishes for the future. There will be cocktails at [location] at [time] then dinner at [location] at [time]. Dress code is smart casual. Please advise before [date] if you are coming.

Come lounge by the lake as we happily say goodbye to our dear friend for their new job in [location]. It is going to be a family fun day. [date and address]. Please bring an appetizer to share.

Join us for a BBQ to bid goodbye to our dear friend [name] at our home [address]. Bring swimming gear and BYOB. RSVP by [date].

Let’s wish [name] all the best and arivederci for he/she will be stepping into a new world, with new beginnings. [date and location] Choose a gift from [place]. RSVP by [date].

Pack a picnic and join us at [location for the afternoon [date]. Bring your wits as we are having an ‘Aquatic Scavenger Hunt’ one last time as [name] will be leaving us soon for [place]. In honor of [name]’s farewell arrive around [time] to get the best advantage.

Please join us for a backyard buffet honoring [name] and wishing him/her all the very best for their new journey. [date and location]. Dance the night away with scintillating music by a live band. RSVP by [date].

Please join us for an evening of friendship, food and merriment to wish bon voyage to [name]. [date and location].

She’s taking the next step on her exciting path in life. It’s not ‘goodbye’ just ‘see you later.’ Join us to see her off. [name, date, time, and location]. RSVP [phone number].

With a couple of tears to celebrate the years, join us to bid farewell as she heads off to California. Going Away Party honoring [name] on [date, time, address]. RSVP to [name] by [date and number].

You’re invited to a going away party honoring [name] on [date] at 5:00pm in the evening. [address]. RSVP at [number].

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Relocating Statistics in America

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