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17 Style Tips for Mens Dress Shoes


Make a Good First Impression With Your Shoes

It’s often been said that the shoes make the man. Women are often taught that you can tell a lot about a guy just from the shoes that he wears. Many guys don’t give their shoes a second thought – they’re just something that you throw on before going out the door. Some guys ditch shoes altogether for sandals in every season! Your shoes, however, say more about you as a guy than you probably even realize. What do you want your shoes, then, to say about you?

Know How Formal You Need To Be

If you were a very informal shoe to a very formal occasion, you’ll be leaving the wrong first impression. The same thing is true in reverse – wearing a formal shoe to an informal event will have people thinking that you’re trying to show them up in some way. If you have a strictly formal engagement to attend, then you’re going to want to wear Oxfords. For events that are somewhat formal, you have a few options to consider:

• Derbies.
• Loafers.
• Dress Boots.

If you have an informal event, saddle shoes or even boat shoes are options for you to wear. Just remember this one piece of advice: all rounded shoes are appropriate to wear for the occasions when you need to wear a suit.

Do You Want Embellishments?

The more embellishments you have on your shoes, the less formal your shoes actually happen to be. That’s why on many Oxfords, the most you’ll see for embellishments is closed lacing or cap toes. Therefore, if you’re wearing shoes that are highly embellished to a formal occasion, even if the shoe is of an appropriate formal construction, you’ll end up leaving the wrong first impression. What embellishments should you look for in your shoes when you do have an occasion to flaunt your style?

Split Toes: This embellishment is when there is stitching down the middle of the top cap of the shoe.

Monk Straps: This is a leather strap, often pared with a metal buckle, that is often worn in a business casual atmosphere.

Borguing: These are the perforations that are on a shoe that are done in a decorative pattern or style. These are often perfect for most occasions but the most formal.

Wing Tips: This is when the cap toes come to a point on the top of the shoe instead of having a rounded edge.

Do You Match Your Socks With Your Pants… Or Your Shoes?

Let’s just first agree that white socks with a dress outfit is a bad idea. Outside of that, your decision is to match your socks with your pants, to lengthen the appearance of your leg, or to match your socks with your shoes. That will shorten the appearance of your leg. It is all about a height perspective – shorter guys generally wish to lengthen their aesthetics, so matching the socks with the pants is the right move.

Use these tips today so that your shoes truly reflect who you are to the people who want to know. Leave the best first impression possible with your shoes so that your footprints happen to be influential ones.

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