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17 Simple Stretches to Do at Your Desk


Those who are perennially on the move, work in challenging conditions and have to brace for weather extremes, are compelled to daunting physical activity and don’t really have much time to relax would find a desk job life altering. But those who have a desk job and spend all their work hours sitting at one place without little or no physical activity are at great risk of a gamut of health problems.

A desk job or sitting for six to eight hours is the primary contributor to a sedentary lifestyle. Over time, a person would become obese, the musculoskeletal health would be severely impaired, the core strength would suffer, one may suffer from arthritis and various other chronic conditions which cannot be cured completely. You may not be able to do anything about your desk job and your job requirements may not allow you to have a stand up desk. The only thing that can alter your life and health is a set of stretches or exercises that you can do while sitting and working.

1) Practice Sitting Upright.
Slouching, sitting in a weird or unnatural manner and any kind of posture that stresses your spine would affect your health. Allow your spine to be as stretched as it should be and it should be upright. You would have a strong core and you are less likely to suffer from spinal conditions or anomalies if you keep up the right posture.

2) Stretch Your Legs and Arms Frequently.
You can do the elbow pump which will stretch your shoulder, biceps, triceps and forearms, thus relaxing several muscles at the same time. Raise your arm and touch the opposite shoulder with your hand taking it back of your head. Now take the other and hold the elbow of the folded arm, pull it towards the head. Don’t pull it vigorously. Gentle pulls would do the trick. Repeat it with the other arm.

3) Stretch Your Legs Straight to Aide Circulation.
You must also practice the knee-jerk and the toe-touch. For the knee jerk, sit upright, hold your knee and pull it up against your lower abdomen with the help of your hip flexors. Line up the thigh against your belly and hold it there. You may not be able to bring it all the way up to your lower chest depending on how much fat you have at the waist. The toe touch is simple. Sit straight, raise your toes a little and bend a little to touch the toes with your fingers. If you can get the palm of your hands, then you are desirably agile.

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