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19 Plastic Industry Statistics and Trends

Plastic Industry Statistics

The plastics industry has a presence in every state within the the United States and is considered the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Employing more than 885 thousand workers, the plastics industry generates more than $380 billion in annual shipments. There are currently 16,200 plastic facilities in the United States with a $16.3 billion trade surplus as of 2011.

Facts About Plastics

The demand for plastics is high accounting for 13% of the municipal solid waste stream. Only 8% of plastics are recycled.

1. 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2011.
2. 14 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were generated in 2011.
3. 7 million tons of non-durable goods such as plates and cups were generated in 2011.
4. 11% of plastic bags, sacks, and wraps were recycled in 2011.
5. In 2012, plastics manufacturers shipped about $373 billion in goods.
6. Roughly 107.5 billion pounds of plastics and resins were manufactured in 2013 — an increase over the previous year’s 105.9 billion pounds.

Cosmetics and Plastic Pollution

A discussion of how cosmetics contribute to increasing plastic pollution is spotlighted in the following video.

Recycling Plastics and Content

The water bottle industry is one segment that receives a lot of backlash for the use of generating excessive plastic waste. The following companies have taken strides to invest more in recycled content for their packaging as outlined below.

1. Naked Juice – 100% recycled content.
2. Activate Water – 100% recycled content.
3. Eldorado Water – 100% recycled content.
4. Naya Water – 100% recycled content.
5. Mountain Valley Spring Water – 35% recycled content.
6. Nestle ReSource Water – 25% recycled content.

Additional brands that focus on the use of 100% recycled content of all bottles.

1. Rainbow Light Nutritional System – All bottles of nutritional supplements are 100% recycled content.
2. Portico Spa – All bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion are 100% recycled content.
3. Organic Gal – All food containers are made up of 100% recycled content.

Plastic Industry Sustainability

The following infographic takes a look at ways the plastic industry can become more sustainable. From altering the processing of plastics to reduce landfill and CO2 emissions. Manufacturing with recycled materials can also decrease the profit margin for many manufacturing companies.

Plastic Industry Sustainability

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