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19 Great Men vs. Women Statistics and Differences

Men vs Women Statistics

The Tag of War between Women and Men

There has been a tag of war between men and women, as some people want to prove that they are superior to the others. Although this may be true, it all depends with what line of duty you compare this. To help understand who is better than the other, we will discuss a few life scenes where both sexes are applicable. The average guy will live 74.1 years. The average woman will live to be 79.5 years.


Driving is one factor that both men and women can do. According to a private study, results revealed that women are better drivers than men. This is because women are more careful on the road and rarely drink and drive, nor talk rudely to fellow drivers. Men overlook simple road safety rules like talking over the phone as compared to women. This is the reason why the highest numbers of accidents today are caused by men.


Employment and income generation is another key factor that can help determine who is superior to the other. In the same research, men emerged top because they earn more money than women. Although some women may be in better paying jobs than some men, they do not know how to invest on the same money like men do, thus giving men the credit. Most men are the sole providers of daily bread in families, and are considered superior in family ties. Although men make more money than women, they have a larger risk to be sued or lose assets than women. This is because men are supposed to take responsibility in whatever they do, while women may be allowed to walk away with an already committed offense.


When it comes to dressing, women take it all. Although there are men who are better dressed than others, the highest percentage of men dress well. This however depends with the age bracket, because younger women in their late teens tend to dress exclusively while their male counterparts dressing decently. In life expectancy, women live for longer than men. This is because men undertake a dangerous part of life and are easily stressed than women, who expect to have a man handle some of their problems.

Seeking Love

With the current uproar in social media and dating sites, women seem to have taken dominance here. A woman in Facebook has a higher chance to have double the number of friends than her male counterpart this could be because women are more outgoing than men. Men on the other hand are reserved and only accept friends who add value into their lives. This comes in packages of workmates, friends and family, and mostly business partners. Women are however fantastic caregivers than men. This does not however mean that men are beastly. There are a few men out there who have a better heart than most women, only that a bigger percentage of women do care for other people.

In this war about superiority, women seem to win in almost everything. However, anything that needs endurance and patience is a man’s field, and very few women can handle this. It is however advisable for one to accept who he or she is to live a better life.

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