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19 Future Digital Advertising Statistics, Trends and Forecast


The Advantages Of Modern Digital Advertising

Nowadays, there is more mention of the Internet and all that it has to offer, which includes social media sites, virtual radios, email services and digital encyclopedias. The possibilities of success are endless for people who advertise online. Digital advertising has far more advantages than the traditional forms of advertising. Learn why digital ads are the most effective when it comes to promoting products and services.

Untapped Potential

Before the year 2000, the Internet was a relatively new idea that had not yet reached its fullest potential. Most people got their information from radios, newspapers and magazines. These traditional forms of advertising have worked for hundreds of years, but since the arrival of the Internet, the world has found a better way to create and share information. Digital media spending will total $118 billion by 2021.

With a laptop, anyone can sit on a flight across the world and find information about anything within minutes. The same cannot be said for radios and newspapers. Usually, it takes a whole day before new information is printed on a newspaper. Radio stations update information every hour or so. On the Internet, new information is updated within seconds.

No Limit Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, there are no limits to companies that want to promote their products and services. In no time, a small company can go from being unknown to bringing in customers from all around the world. A large company can increase profits by a few thousands of dollars more every month. Every type of business will become more successful over time.

More Access

Digital advertisers have access to the largest audiences, which makes it easy to advertise in every corner of the world. Every small or large business can benefit from the use of the Internet. Wherever a retail store is based, any person can find it through the online yellow pages and map its exact location within minutes.

Selective Targeting

Another major benefit of digital advertising is selective targeting. Internet marketers are able to choose the precise audiences they want for the campaigns. There are companies like Google Adsense and Pay Per Click that allow the customization of every detail in an ad campaign. Marketers customize demographics like the customers’ ages, interests, income levels and buying histories. They also choose the amount of campaign money they want to spend. Also, they choose the websites where they want to place the ads for the most effective results. Finding the most targeted audience is an important way to avoid wasting money on customers who are not interested in their promotions.

Digital information is sent to computers and smartphones, which are two of the most important devices used today. People all over the world are always using electronics to look up new products and services. For that reason, digital advertising will continue to benefit a wide range of businesses. Any digitally-minded individual and company will have access to countless advantages.

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