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17 Fantastic 4th of July Invitation Wording Ideas

On this special day back in 1776, the original 13 colonies of America claimed their independence from England. This eventually led to the formation of the United States and has since then been a day of celebration. The original Declaration of Independence was written on June 7th but not officially ratified until the late afternoon of July 4th. This day has forever been commemorated as a national holiday and America’s claim to be a free and independent nation. The following fourth of July invitation wording ideas serve as great samples to the type of celebratory messages can be shared for planning your big event.

Celebrate Independence Day in a Great Old-Fashioned Way. You’re invited to a 4th of July Picnic at [time].

Celebrate this 4th of July with a bang at [location].

Come on over to our place for a backyard cookout to celebrate the fourth of July, Happy Birthday America.

Don’t be a dud, come to our party and have some fun.

Flags are waving and our pride is high. Please join us on the Fourth of July.

It’s the 4th of July flags are flying high and fireworks will be lighting up the sky.

It’s the Fourth of July. Flags are Flying High, & Fireworks Light up the Sky.

Join us for an All American Backyard BBQ.

Join us for fireworks, food and fun on July 4th at [location].

Join us in celebrating the stars and stripes on July 4th. Sparks will fly on the 4th of July.

Let’s celebrate the Fourth of July with a banging party.

On this 4th of July let’s celebrate friends, food and fun. It will be just great.

Sparks will fly on the Fourth of July. [name] invite you to celebrate at their annual Independence Day Party on July 4th, at [time and location].

The ingredients for the perfect 4th of July party: red, white, blue and you.

We want you to come to our 4th of July party.

We will barbecue, splash in the pool, and watch the fireworks light up the sky.

We’re having a party on the Fourth of July, there will be dinner and fireworks to light up the sky. We hope that you’ll come and plan to stay, and celebrate with us on Uncle Sam’s Birthday.

The below infographic provides some interesting facts and statistics about celebrating the fourth of July. When it comes to some of the most patriotic states, the likes of California, Texas, and New York are known as waving the most colors and holding the most events. Many of the nation’s most sang songs have originated during war time. From the Star Spangled Banner during the War of 1812 to the Battle Hymn of the Republic during the Civil War, these times have served as the brightest times in US history where the flag waved the highest.

Interesting Facts About the 4th of July

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