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17 Eye Opening Coupon Usage Statistics


Usage of coupons is at an all time high. Coupons are not a recent phenomenon in sales, marketing or consumer behavior. Coupons have been around for a long time. It was newspapers that used to print coupons upon being paid by companies, thereon it was the time for magazines which was followed up by brochures, inlets and various other mediums. Today, it is an era of online coupons. Among all shoppers who bought something online in 2013, more than 72% of them had used at least one coupon. Those who shop a lot online are likely to use coupons every time they do so.

The Ultimate Stats Of Coupon Usage In 2013 is a very objective and helpful info-graphic that will allow you to formulate a strategy of issuing coupons that will lead to a surge in sales. Issuing coupons is not the beginning or the end of the entire exercise. It is actually the interim process. Before you issue coupons, you need to know what you should be offering, to whom you should be advertising your coupons and when you should do it. After you issue the coupons, you should monitor them and reassess your strategy. You cannot do all that unless you are aware of consumer patterns pertaining to using the coupons. That is what this info-graphic will help you with.

The average savings that people made using coupons was about $2. This is a very helpful statistic as it tells you how much savings or what kind of savings you must be trying to push through. If your coupon saves a meager buck then that is unlikely to influence sales. Also, the savings depend on the nature of the purchase. A product that costs a thousand bucks cannot be promoted well enough unless the coupon saves scores of dollars.

There are certain types of coupons that are in greater demand, some coupons entice consumers more while some fall flat to impress any and sundry. You have to understand the difference between the various types of coupons and their corresponding offers to put forth a proposition, discount or freebie that will actually convince or compel the customer to buy the product. There are many ways to market a coupon as well and the statistic will also give you a fair idea on how you can promote your offers in the first place.

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