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17 Exceptional Conversion Rate Optimization Tips


Here are some of the most important takeaways to remember from this infographic…

1) Measuring your conversion rate.
We all know that the conversion rate on a website is the rate in which a user visiting the website does what the operator wants them to do. Whether this is signing up, making a purchase, or going to a particular page, increasing the number of people who are active can only be a positive for the business. Measuring this process will give you the data you can then later use to make changes for your website. Whether this is through inquiry forms, telephone calls, engagements with live chat, or e-commerce transactions, you will start getting the data that can translate into real improvements for your website.

2) Why does measuring your conversion rate matter?
Having spent time and money gathering information regarding conversion rates, you set the stage to improve the aspect of your business that most directly effects your bottom line. If you are trying to sell things online, then a website with optimized conversion rates will increase your return on investment, as well as your total profit generated. In addition, there is a much greater chance that you will bring in new clients, expanding your pool.

3) Increasing conversion rate through great design.
Design conveys a lot to people. For example, research has proven that how a website is designed can effect how trustworthy people find it. This shocking information aside, a well designed and modern website that looks and feels authentic will decrease the chances people get cold feet before making the purchase.

4) Increasing conversion rate through clearly conveying what you offer.
In less then 5 seconds, any person going to your website should have a general idea about what you sell. The more they know, the less time they will spend feeling either frustrated or stupid. These are two things that will quickly lose you customers. By clearly stating what you offer and providing a direct way for people to make a purchase, you help create the best possible purchasing experience for your customers.

5) Increasing conversion rate through building credibility.
Not everyone is going to have heard of your business before. Because of this, your business will directly benefit from you taking steps to increase how credible your business is perceived. Whether through website design or by offering an in depth about us page, credibility means everything.

6) Increasing conversion rate through a clear call to action.
Having a call to action means giving a reason to the customer why purchasing your goods is so important. It provides an additional reason why they want to make the purchase, and is a proven tool to increasing sales.

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