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17 Enticing Food Picture Sharing Trends and Statistics

17 Enticing Food Picture Sharing Trends and Statistics

Food And Online Photos Sharing Trends

Why do people share food and photos online?

Research has revealed that 10% of such shares focuses on people and social relationships, while 12% of the pictures are artistic. Photos from special events form 16% of the pool while 8% are a review on the services of a restaurant, band or food type. 4% are tutorials showing step by step guides while 3% are bizarre and extreme foods which can be classified as uncommon creations. 22% depicts the finished product of creativity while 25% are from no special occasion, they were just posts of what the poster ate that very day.

People choose various names for their food photos. Some of the names are chocolate, dinner, lunch, chicken, sauce, cake, snacks, restaurants, salad, beef, cookie, orange, pizza, tea and lots more. It was discovered that the most popular meal shared was dinner and about 75% of the pictures displayed the main meat rather than a snack or a smaller item.


Sweets / Desserts – 18.3%
Vegetables – 17.8%
Poultry – 13%
Meat -10.7%
Bread – 8.8%
Drinks – 7.8%
Dairy – 7.1%
Pasta – 7.1%
Others – 9.4%

What are the opportunities for brands?

In the light of this, there is a great opportunity for marketers to be part of the fun or encourage it. This is clear from findings that only 12% of posts exhibits a banded product. This confirms the value published by 360i when similar research was conducted.

Over 50% of mobile users snap photos with their phones and about 20% upload these photos. As a result, over 20 billion pictures were circulated via social media by December 2010.

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