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17 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs


Three Life Lessons That Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

1) Watching My Dad Run His Business
From the age of 6, I started to become interested in how my father ran his insurance business. Going to his office was one of the highlights of my week. I listened to the way he closed sales and managed his employees. By modeling his behavior, I was able to become strong at sales and managing people.

2) Overcoming Bullying
I wish I had not experienced a year of being beat up and tormented, but I did. The experience led me to begin my pursuit of knowledge by reading self help and business books at an early age. To date, I have read over 1000 books in these two areas.

3) Being Disabled by a Brain Tumor
A small secreting brain tumor stripped me of my ability to think and made my physically disabled for several years. I never lost my will to fight, and I was eventually able to build my health back to the point of being able to start a business again. Because of this experience, I am consciously thankful of everything that I have in my life.

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